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The Criterion: An International Journal in English ISSN A Feminist Study of Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters Bijender Singh . Set against the tumult of the Partition, Manju Kapur’s acclaimed first novel captures a life torn between family, desire, and love. The one thing I had wanted . Difficult Daughters By Manju Kapur Penguin Pages: Price: Rs This charming novel is about educating daughters, and facing the.

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As it was, the writing seemed a little nervous, uneasy.

Sep 19, Shilpi Jain rated it really liked it. Interstingly, what starts as a personal story is actually a narrator relating her mother’s life with all the difficlut choices she made, and the relationship with other women in the family.

Almost all the story of the novel is told by Ida. Learning about the goings-on in a middle-class upper middle-class perhaps? Kapur didn’t follow this lead, but turned to the ‘love’ story instead, concentrating solely on the educated, but somehow still non-thinking Virmati. It was the mecca daughtegs Punjabi youth, who confidently strutted on the Mall, spent leisurely afternoons in Lawrence Gardens, thronged Anarkali Bazaar, embraced the politics of IPTA and the Left, and set and followed trends in art, literature and music.

Exciting though the ending disappointed me, a 21st daugyters girl a little. In the end, she was with the man she loves, but at what cost? Interestingly, the only character worthy of sympathy is the Professor’s first wife Ganga, who is a victim of the professor’s adultery and her situation may need her to become coquettish, but one realizes that it is her only way of saving an already doomed diffifult with a heartless professor.

She is married in a traditional family.

Her husband is dissatisfied from his life and his boss. While she stood her grounds against her family for the sake of education, claiming she will never marry, xaughters seemed as if her pursuit for study was only to feed her obsession for this man. She develops headache and has to undergo an operation. The story was intriguing, but not vibrant.


Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters & The Immigrants | Themes & Analysis

She fails in her attempt and is locked difficullt in a godown as a punishment Chakravorty She was still Vol. She has to let go of an unwanted marriage which infuriates her family and also deal with her relationship to a diffifult who is already married but deeply in love with her. Virmati turns down the marriage proposal of Inderjit, a Canal Engineer. Maniu partition motif was pretty heavy-handed, and the story skimmed along so many events that I never got much of a feel for the characters.

Her book, like her speaks like a voice of a daughter. I wish the book didn’t concentrate so strongly on Virmati. Truly describes the struggle one woman makes to pursue something she desires and the sort of changes that brings about.

Jul 18, Prerna Manku rated it really liked it. I dont think there could have been a better title – all sons are expected to be difficult, not daughters!

Perhaps it’s too easy to pass judgment. That the Professor eventually marries Virmati, installs her in his home alongside his furious first wife and helps her towards further studies in Lahore, is small consolation oapur her scandalised family.

They are the conscious women who are using their energy in reforming and creative activities. Disobedient Daughters could very well be the title, and when our main character Virmati falls in love with a forbidden fruit married man you know it’s going to go sour.

I really enjoyed reading these different phases. Sep 14, Dhiyanah rated it it was daughterd. Harish is awful – self-centered and selfish and hypocritical – and it’s easy to dislike him.

In the end, the narrator wanted the memory of Virmati to leave her. Dauhgters drama unfolds with intelligence and absorbing sympathy in Lala Diwan Chand’s Arya Samaj family in conservative Amritsar.


Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters & The Immigrants

This is one of the many charms of Difficult Daughters, the way it confidently offers its roots and the road to its present. This book provides a brief experience to understand the situation of our country, India during the time of war and how the war along with the social taboos of Indian culture effected the life of Virmati.

Virmari, a young girl who is on a q The story of this book describes the love story of a 24year old girl, Virmati and her struggle to own the man of her life. Her romantic notions pale when faced with poverty and hostilities surrounding her, but she learns to make her own demands. I wanted to like Difficult Daughtersbut overall I thought it was clunky.

I enjoyed this novel, it was thought provoking and full of suffering. Indian Women Writing in English: She is stunned to know how little she knew about her own mother and yet somehow their lives bear a strange resemblance. Amazing story of 3 women: For many readers with the freedom to stupidly love where we chose, and blaze a trail anywhere we please it’s often hard to imagine the suppression of the self.

However mapur novel was at its best when describing the love s Virmati falls for a married man, Harish, so with that and her desire for education things get difficylt at home in a middle class family in Amitsar in the s.

These two females have been studied in this paper extensively with their roles and duties in the family and outside world. Well so be it. Virmati is deeply in love with Professor and refuses to marry Inderjit. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments.