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The Complete Vocal Works Johann Pachelbel is known today as a composer of organ music and of a world-famous instrumental canon which frequently. Magnificat in C major, P composer. Johann Pachelbel () ‘For those who know Pachelbel only through the Canon, this album will be revelatory . Among the finest, most performed, and frequently studied of Pachelbel’s works are the 95 short preludial fugues on the Magnificat. They rank among the most.

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This product has limited availability outside the US. Click here for details. The unaffected, exquisitely concise grace manifested in magnuficat works of Johann Pachelbel — earned the composer a considerable reputation in his lifetime and has endured through nearly three centuries.

His profound effect on the history of music is most notable in the enormous popularity of his Canon in D Major as well as the intense respect shown by students, scholars, and keyboard artists studying the composer’s incredible legacy of keyboard masterworks. Among the finest, most performed, and most studied of Pachelbel’s works are the 95 short, preludial fugues on the Magnificat. Written during Pachelbel’s final appointment as organist of St. Sebald, Nuremberg his native citythey constitute a magnificent culmination to a prolific career.


Pachelbel, Johann / Magnificat I / Bärenreiter Verlag

Collected in one convenient volume, these are among the most expressive pieces ever composed for organ or keyboard. Pachelbel’s masterful understanding of harmony and counterpoint blend perfectly with a pure and constant spirit of reverence.

Today’s keyboard artist should note that many of these works do not require a pedal and can be played on the piano or harpsichord as well as the organ.

Ideal for reading, study, and performance, with large noteheads, wide margins, and clear reproductions, this modestly priced playing edition of nearly fugues is an essential addition to the libraries of every serious keyboard artist, student, and scholar. Product Description Product Details “All the accumulated evidence indicates beyond doubt that he was one of the greatest and most productive composers of his time and that he left a musical legacy whose value increases with the ages.

Complete Preludes and Fugues for Organ. Great Fugues for Solo Keyboard. Little Preludes and Fugues. A Classic Text on Organ Technique.


Complete Organ Symphonies, Series I. Easy Organ Christmas Album: Organ Music for Manuals Only: Organ Music for the Christmas Season. Toccatas, Carillons and Scherzos for Organ: Two Masses for Organ.

Works for Organ and Keyboard.