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La Partícula Divina has ratings and reviews. Javier said: Una obra maestra de la Lederman es premio Nobel en física, es ademá. Enjoying this preview? Become a member to read the full title. Join today and read free for 30 days. Need help? Start Your Free Trial. La Particula Divina – Leon. La partícula divina (Booket Ciencia) | Leon Lederman, Dick Teresi, Juan Pedro Campos Gómez | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher.

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The book becomes very actual with the recent discovery in July of the famous Higgs boson.

La Partícula Divina by Leon M. Lederman

Lederman shared the Nobel Prize in physics for the discovery of the muon neutrino. Lederman conveys with excitement and humor what it is like to be one of two or three people in t A very lively, funny, and informative book by Nobel Laureate Leon Lederman.

Crisis existencial en The best of them were the detailed explanations of how many important particle physics experiments throughout history were done — how they proved what they proved, and how the apparatus was constructed.

The entire aim of the LHC is to find the elusive Higgs boson, the “God Particle” of the book’s title, which would largely confirm the Standard Model of physics. View all 4 comments. We also learn about how different experimental setups competed for some of the same discoveries, and the relative advantages and disadvantages of, say, electron-positron colliders compared to proton-antiproton colliders. Lederman tries to use humor to engage the layman reader but he ends up obfuscating the message he is trying to deliver.

As generally explained in the book, a neutrino ‘little neutral one’ is an elementary particle of neutral electric charge and almost 0 mass. So why not give philosophy a little respect?

Interestingly, he writes that it takes a grad student at least two lwderman “to develop quantum intuition. For this reason, I did not focus partocula much on the physics and cosmology in the book, and read more for the history and engineering.


Lo cual es genial. I found particle physics fascinating—the universe as creative force—but as the book went on I found my lack of foundational science to be a real hindrance in understanding.

An account of the history of experimental particle physics in search of the basic building blocks of the Universe. A must read if you want to get it a bit more.

And there’s this one great passage where he rips on “The Tao of Physics” and other pseudo-science books that are written and sold by people who abuse their credentials yes! Nicknamed ‘The Plumber’ due to his preference for experimentation by Murray Gell-Mann, it is clear from this book that Lederman’s work in the 60s and 70s is nothing short of Nobel calibre.

But it is unscientific to assume that if something is completely immaterial i. I got a bit bogged down in the detailed quark chapters, and it was a bummer to be reading something written in the early 90s, because it obviously left out everything from then until the present, which ended the book with a lot of questions.

I was wondering if someone on here could recommend a similar book, with details on recent developments in the field? In theory, God Particle has the recipe to satisy this penchant, but I cannot get past Lederman’s hokey methods e. Lastly, in some of the more creative parts of the book, Lederman makes fictional scenarios for example when he finds a time traveling Greek philosopher to help illustrate certain points about why science can be trusted and also its limits. It’s a different perspective from most of what other physics I have read, and has a nuts and bolts feel to it.

No trivia or quizzes yet. The older I get, the more I realize that art and science are not divided, but are merely aspects of the same thing. This book is becoming a little bit dated as far as the physics and cosmology it covers is concerned. One of these days I will slog through the end, with my brain smoking and understanding sorely tried and fried but it will be worth it. In truth, science is a much more flexible thing. The first part of the book is a vivid and hilarious historical survey of ideas and discoveries in Western physics from the Greeks down to the present day.


Very recommendable if you want a general description of particle physics. Why am I reading a twenty year old popular physics book? Despite initial misgivings, I did eventually come to enjoy it. Return to Book Page. There were definitely some laugh-out-loud moments in this book.

No te vas a arrepentir. What is implied here is that space is not merely a metric measurement of distance by time but is a “something” after all: Engrossing without being over simplistic and filled with wit and interesting anecdotes, The God Particle is a chronicle of the human intellectual endeavour to answer some of the Universe’s most challenging questions.

You get a hardware-level look at everything from Galileo’s inclined planes, to the earliest alpha-particle scattering experiments to the invention and development of cyclotrons and synchrotrons, and the different kinds of detectors used in them.

The book leads to the so-called God particle. That’s why the science of philosophy is necessary, because empirical science cannot study ideas.

Many thanks in advance!

La Partícula Divina

This book translates tons of bizarre mathematical formulas into series of imaginable metaphors. Es en esta parte donde se desarrolla particual el potencial del libro, gracias a los conocimientos de Ledermansus vivencias como director del Fermilab y los trabajos que le llevaron entre otras cosas a ganar el Nobel por el descubrimiento del neutrino muonico en Not so much that it’s wrong, as that it is incomplete.

Werner Heisenberg once proclaimed that all the quandaries of quantum particila would shrivel up when was finally explained. Leptons electrons, muons, and the tau can also be neutrinos with corresponding antineutrinos.

Dec 15, Javier Santaolalla rated it it was amazing. If the Universe is the Answer