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Device: Kobo:Touch,Glo,Aura H2O,Glo HD,Aura ONE,Clara HD,Forma;tolino epos. You can also select words in the text to save a highlight or. An updated list of the best Kobo case covers, sleeves, and accessories. Kobo Aura One, Aura Edition 2, Aura H2O, Mini, Glo HD, Touch Kobo Glo HD Manual Online: Bookmarking Pages, Finding A Bookmarked Page, Highlighting Text On Your Kobo Ereader. You Can Mark Interesting Passages.

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You can cancel Amazon Prime any time. You can view ebooks as book covers or a list. By clicking “I Accept” button below, you consent to the use of cookies unless you have disabled them in your browser’s settings.

The high resolution screen is a nice upgrade, but in all honesty the difference is hardly noticeable in real life. The Kobo Glo comes in black or white with options for different colored backs. One of the nice things about the Kobo Glo is it supports ebooks from sources other than Kobo.

Adding notes to your book on your eReader –

Like it Tweet it Pin it More. Our website uses cookies to recognize and analyze incoming and outgoing traffic. It is the first lighted ebook reader from Kobo, and is very much akin to Kobo’s other two currently available ebook readers, the Kobo Mini and Kobo Touch. To download the book, click on the turquoise button on the right. Founder of Ebook Friendly. The brightness of the light is adjustable with an on-screen slider bar, and unlike the Kindle Paperwhite, the frontlight can be turned off completely by pressing a button along the top edge of the device.

The Kobo Glo is among the first wave of ebook readers to incorporate a frontlight to achieve better radiability in low lighting conditions, especially at night. It doesn’t have quite the ease of use as the Kindle Paperwhitenor some of the advanced features, but it has a lot more font settings, a more uniform frontlightno annoying advertisements, and it supports Adobe ePub for ebooks from a variety of sources, making it a solid alternative to the Kindle.


There’s no question the frontlight is nice addition to the Kobo ereader. For instance, books distributed via Smashwords platform are DRM-free. There’s a page slider and you can jump back and forth between chapters. It means you will be able to easily access and browse these sites directly from a mobile browser — as well as download ebook files to Kobo app.

It could stand to have a slightly lower minimum brightness setting, though.

10 simple Kobo tips and tricks

Ebook enthusiast, technology geek, and self-published short story author. As far as organizing content, the Kobo Glo breaks your library down into four sections: Join us for lists, tips, news and fun stuff about books and reading in digital times.

Below there are some useful links to explore:. Devices such as the Kindle enjoy a lot of blogosphere attention. Kobo is using Adobe DRM to prevent ebook files from unauthorized distribution.

If you are a registered user of Dropbox or frequently use Google Drive, you probably have relevant apps on your mobile device. Best short books you can read in less than three hours. Tap and hold the note that koo like to delete. Best 50 lists 50 best literary gifts for modern-day book lovers. This heavy-duty case features seven stand angles, an inside Apple Pencil holder, and a strong magnetic front to easily attach to any metal surface.

Bookmarking a page in your Kobo Books app for Android

And instead easily wiping away with a cloth they mostly just spread around and make it look mobo. Removing notes from your books on your Kobo eReader If you no longer need a note, you can delete it from your book while you’re reading. The only thing I don’t like with the way Kobo’s ereaders display text is there is too much wasted space.

Plus a selection of the best accessories: It’s not like it’s as fast as a tablet of anything, but when you are used to the slower MHz processor it’s a noticeable improvement.

Use the keyboard to enter your notes, and tap Save. The only downside is that not all the layout setting always work for every ebook, especially sideloaded ebooks. A list of the best case covers and accessories for Amazon Bokkmark Fire tablets: Many users neglect to shop DRM-ed books.


Browse millions of products on Amazon. With shelves you can create different lists of your ebooks to organize them. It makes it so you can easily and comfortably read in any lighting conditions from direct sunlight to the dark of night.

Then tap on Open in… and select Kobo.

Other reading features include notes, highlights, bookmarks, and Facebook sharing. The books you bought are stored on a device you use to read them. No matter whether you use Facebook on the iPad or Twitter on your Gllo phone, our site loads fast and is easy to read.

Recommended topics Amazon Fire. The lighting appears mostly white in tone and is noticeably brighter than the Kindle Paperwhite and Nook Glow at the highest and lowest brightness settings. That’s the most widely used format, so there are plenty of choices, including free ebooks from libraries. There’s a zoom dial for zooming in and out, no presets, reflow, pinch-zooming, or advance features whatsoever.

It has search and table of contents support a single level list. There are a couple of games, Sudoku and chess, as well as a sketch pad for freehand drawings and a web browser for reading jobo the web and downloading ebooks.

The Kobo Glo is a bookmaark choice for anyone who wants a frontlit ebook reader that supports ePub format and offers a ton of font adjusting options. Tap Continue to delete your note. Like other frontlight E Ink ebook readers, the Kobo Glo’s lighting isn’t perfectly uniform over the entire screen, especially when compared to something like a tablet.