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Their own name for their language was Khuzdul, which is evidently simply ” Dwarvish”, the Dwarves calling themselves Khazâd (singular Khuzd). We read that. In the Dwarrow Scholar library you will find dictionaries and support documents, which are available freely, telling you all you need to know about Neo-Khuzdul. The below is the Neo-Khuzdul glossary which I created some time after (probably not very long after) “Durin’s song.” I have not added or amended anything.

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There were at least two aspirated stops, kh and ththat is, k and t followed by h. This is my personal interpretation of Tolkien’s dwarvish language, I do not claim this content to be canon. Though I believe that might need to be added still. Should I ask to sign up for that as well? This is actually extremely hard! On the other hand, consonant clusters may occur at the end of words, as in Rukhs “Orc”.


Later the Dwarvish name of Nogrod was Tumunzahar Thank you for your work! It was merely a rendering in the books that represented the language of the Northmen, particularly khuzdkl of Dale.

Thramili’s Khuzdul Dictionary(revisited)

Z-R-K radicals of zirikq. The stems from which words are derived are not by themselves pronounceable words, but consist of consonants only. April 3, at 8: These “Support Documents” are materials that expand on a specific topic. On the topic of Neo-Khuzdul. Some points to take into account concerning these: I was dctionary wondering.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I would appreciate the help. February 5, at Beautiful This is so beautiful, thank you for making this. Compare the patronymic Fundinul. Mesumel Azbad or Mesumel Azbadul?

I recently came across your blog; such wonderful work! February 7, at 2: Though it is rather common in a learning environment or for clarfication to separate the pronoun from the verb or preposition, it is more common to find them attached.


Documents & Dictionaries | The Dwarrow Scholar

Dwamli on Khuzdul in the Battle victionary Five…. I found it about ten minutes after asking. The basic structure of Khuzdul resembles that of Semitic languages, like Arabic and Hebrew.

Also would you use for the Archenstone: Nouns, verbs, adjectives etc.

Khuzdul in the tBotFA. The Dwarrow Scholar says: February 20, at 8: In A Tolkien Compass p.

Actually, if you could disregard my previous query entirely, I have a much more important question for you. November 5, at 3: Using older versions of the dictionaries. April 28, at 5: Thank you for all the material!