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TI6K – Harman Audio US . Our Brands. AKG; Harman Kardon; Infinity; JBL; Lexicon; Mark Levinson; Revel. © Harman International Industries. Type: 3 way, 4 driver loudspeaker system. Frequency Response: 38Hz to 30kHz. Recommended Amplifier: 10 to W. Crossover Frequency: , Hz. JBL TI6K Ti-6K High End 3 Way Watts RMS, VERY RARE, Perfect % LIKE NEW JBL Ti6K 3-Way Loudspeaker System () JBL Ti6K.

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JBL’s flagship speakers are some of the sexiest you’ve ever seen, however looks aren’t everything Once in a while you come across a pair of speakers that you know are going to be really rather special. Even before you first stick a signal through them.

Even before you plug them in. Even as you get them out of the box. There are certain clues – the weight, for one – and at around 35kg per unit, these are at the higher end of the speaker echelons for encumbrance. The heavier the speaker, the better it’s likely to be made – the materials are likely to be of good quality and the sound will feel more “solid”.

Then there’s the look hi6k feel – although this should have little bearing on the noise they create, quality speaker pairs often come in glorious finishes and are built to please as far as aesthetics are concerned. The speaker form, with its bullet-like aspect it6k viewed from above, isn’t just about looking good, however. This tapered cabinet design reduces standing waves – or coloration of the music and unwanted reverberations to us – and so jbk very ti6m a case of form following function, rather than the other way around.

And all this before we’ve connected them up to a power source Making the connections isn’t as easy as you might expect.

If you really want to make the most of what the Ti6Ks have to offer, you need to use separately terminated cabling for each of the high – mid- and low-frequency drivers. The tri-wire terminals are mounted on the bottom of the speakers see left which makes it difficult to connect “banana plug” connectors and still get the speakers to sit properly on their spikes. We struggled for a while but finally managed to house our bananas through the side-holes in the binding posts, but this isn’t exactly ideal.


Used JBL Ti 6K Center speakers for Sale |

All inconvenience was forgotten, however, some six hours or so later, when we finally got to sit down and give this imposing pair of speakers a proper listen. Why six hours later? Because this is a speaker pair which really needs a good, hard running-in.

The tweeter dome and the inverted mid-range dome are made of pure titanium, and these really need a lengthy loosening up before they lose their natural metallic harshness and start to sound more realistic.

JBL Ti6K Floorstanding Speakers

Play these speakers straight out of the box and they sound rather harsh with an upper-range tinniness, but ti6, them time and they sound simply fantastic. So we hooked them up facing each other out of phase, set a CD to repeat and went off down the pub – best way to do it, really. So how did they sound when we got back? Well, bass is supremely defined and controlled, despite the fact that there’s loads and loads of it – opt for a track with deep, powerful bass, such as Iration Steppas vs Dennis Rootical’s Bandulu admittedly, a tad obscureand you’re going to seriously upset some neighbours, no matter how far away they live.

Play more forgiving music – Dido’s No Angel, for instance – and you’re rewarded with a tremendous amount of “air” in the reproduction. There’s space around Dido’s voice and the whole of the mid-range, which really opens up the recording, making it much more listenable. Likewise, the upper end of the frequency range is clean, neutral and well integrated. The speakers even work in a surround sound environment and for home cinema. So a heartfelt recommendation goes to fi6k speakers from JBL – they’re among the very best we’ve heard at this price pointthough we must admit that if we were buying a pair then we’d go for the standard wood finish and save ourselves a grand.


The innovative TiK bending trapezoid enclosure consists of only five surfaces, eliminating unwanted resonances and internal standing waves.

Using the same wood-molding process developed by Scandinavian furniture builders. Three-point floor spikes with threaded inserts provide optimal balance and stability.

Separate 5-way, gold-plated binding post speaker terminals for each to6k range are mounted directly to the crossover for the shortest possible speaker cable connection. The Polypropylene low-frequency drivers are co-injection molded with the surround, resulting in an efficient transducer that minimizes flexing and distortion of the cone.

The cast ri6k frames provides superior rigidity to maintain precise alignment of the driver elements, without disturbing the magnetic flux. The edgewound ribbon voice coil and vented pole piece provide extended power handling with minimal distortion.

The pure Titanium dome tweeter with rubber surround takes efficiency to a new level with a rear pressure vent and low-mass aluminum voice coil that uses the dome itself to dissipate damaging heat. The TiK high-frequency ubl surpasses the competition in all critical areas: Impedance 6 Sensitivity 2. Let Us Entertain You.

Using the same wood-molding process developed by Scandinavian furniture builders, the Ti6K incorporates seven layers of MDF for a rigid acoustic platform that will complement room decor. Three-point floor spikes with jhl inserts provide optimal balance and stability, as well as tighter mechanical coupling to the floor, which eliminates resonances from the floor that can affect bass response and stereo imaging. Separate 5-way, gold-plated binding post speaker terminals for each frequency range are mounted directly to the crossover for the shortest possible speaker cable connection, jjbl the opportunity for signal loss.

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