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Original Australian numbering (1 through 7) for this series is also published in North America with a different numbering (some single book. Isobelle Carmody’s ‘blissful separation’ from the Obernewtyn Chronicles. Monica Tan. With the release of The Red Queen, the writer brings to a. Obernewtyn (Obernewtyn Chronicles) [Isobelle Carmody] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The Obernewtyn Chronicles Series by Isobelle Carmody

On the one hand, I would give it two stars and nothing more, but compared to the other two-star rated books I’ve read, Obernewtyn was somewhat better. Maruman, the cat who had been the key for Elspeth to discover her abilities and became her companion, is also an interesting one. Each month we are reading a book in the series, though predictably the release date for the final book, The Red Queenhas been pushed back to next year – no surprises there.

This series has a lot of potentials. I understand that the author started writing this when she was in high school and that the book was published in the s when standards for teen fiction were vastly different but that doesn’t make this reading experience any less painful. Suddenly, she is captured by Ariel, who ties her isobbelle a table next to the Zebkrahn machine.

So I suppose for me, this book lies som I’m conflicted with rating this book. Obernewtyn failed to really shine, though the story does exhibit promise. Paperbackpages. If you’re a fan of Young Adult fantasy, oebrnewtyn fiction, dystopian fiction, science ibernewtyn or any good genre fiction really, you absolutely have to try Obernewtyn. Also the ability to read the minds of others without this power.


I suppose this comes from having such a dull heroine. Original Australian numbering 1 through 7 for this series. There are several beefs I have with Obernewtyn. At times, however, I felt the carmodj overused Elspeth’s magical abilities to conveniently get her out of jams and found it a little contrived at times. The main tension of this book was uncovering the mysteries of Obernewtyn, and once discovered, it was On the plus side, the cover is nice and I like the title. Obernewtn love post-apocalyptic carmodyy, and Carmody did a great job creating a society controlled by a fearful religious faction.

Some time in our future, we nearly destroyed the world. Dec 21, Daniela Lightweaver rated it really liked it Shelves: The Red Queen by Isobelle Carmody. Rosamunde, a fellow orphan from the Kinraide orphan home, arrives at Obernewtyn and coldly informs Elspeth that her brother Jes had discovered he also had mental abilities, but was killed by guards in an escape attempt.

There was a climatic scene, but I didn’t feel it was a big enough deal to say that was the main plot point of obernewfyn book.


Auch viele andere Charaktere haftet was interessantes an. It certainly explains my preference for paranormal romances, at the very least.

The surviving remote communities attempted to rebuild society, which over time developed into a totalitarian Council, and a religious order, the Herder Faction. Isobelle Carmody began writing the book when she was fourteen, in Years after a nuclear holocaust known as the Great White that almost annihilate Earth’s population, mutations, both physical and mental, among the survivors became an occasional phenomena.

Carmody wants to show that some character have back-country accents, so their dialogue contains alternate spellings that are difficult to decipher sometimes.

This book is far above that quality. Sep 18, Mav rated it it was ok Recommended to Mav by: First published inObernewtyn really just reads like a book from that era.


I read this book combined with the second of the series, Farseeker, in a book called The Seeker that combined the first two volumes. Through her new friendship with Matthew and Dameon, they start to piece the puzzle together: The series consists of seven novels published by Penguin Books. In fact, if it weren’t for this problem, the previous two problems wouldn’t be so prominent.

Isobelle Carmody’s ‘blissful separation’ from the Obernewtyn Chronicles | Books | The Guardian

The Council appointed a fledgling religious order called the Herder Faction to oversee these rituals. Her understanding of the world and her prejudices shift, as do social attitudes.

I also enjoyed her misfit friends, Matthew and Dameon, the enigmatic Rushton, and the mind-speaking animals. The beginning of a quest. This was pretty great, I was really interested in the magic and liked that there were slow reveals about how much obernewtyh actually possible, although it was unfortunate that there was a real limit to any character or world building aside from the first few pages introducing the whole scenario.

Surely that would mean we were not isolated Misfits. Retrieved 9 Carmdoy This series is also published in North America with a different numbering some single books in the Australian editions are split into two books. Come discover carmoody magic for yourself. She is only freed by combining her mental strength with another anonymous mind who offers assistance.