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Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Essays on Marx’s Theory Of Value has 49 ratings and 6 reviews. Naeem said: This book is a translation of the third edition published in It is. About Isaak Illich Rubin: (Russian: Исаа́к Ильи́ч Ру́бин) was a Jewish economist and is considered to be the most important theorist of his time on the f.

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Thi This book rybin a translation of the third edition published in The most fascinating aspect of this books is Rubin’s thesis that Marx’s theory of the commodity fetish underlies his ENTIRE economic analysis, and the nodal point at which all subsequent theories of capitalism emerge from. Ontology and gnoseology of capitalism in Isaak Illich Rubin: Retrieved from ” https: Rather, it is present in objective relations.

Essays on Marx’s Theory Of Value

The paper argues that the formal reason for why value must move can be located in the immanent contradiction of the commodity, and that value can actually move when this internal contradiction is externalized into commodities idaak money and processed by the economic functions of buying and selling.

This is not some kind of duping by the capitalist class or some kind of ideological mistake that the rest of make. This section, pagesreminds me very much of how Anthony Giddens talks about structuration. This determination is evident in supply chains. To do this, we analyze the relations existing between Marx, Here are some quotes from the book: Antonio rated it really liked it Jun 21, Lists with This Book.

I am not quite there yet. My second mistake that Rubin corrects was to assume that Marx short circuits the analysis of value by making value determined by labor within the production process such that that the circulation process merely illidh what has already occurred in production.

We analyze the complex interplay of ideas, scholars, and their institutional context, and conclude that subsequent repression was arbitrary, suggesting that no clear survival or career strategy existed in the Stalinist system, due to a situation of fundamental uncertainty.

Many believe it can be rejected or accepted, but that either position has no bearing on rubjn rest of Capital Vol I-III. He takes on his runin of reading Capital against all others; he is constantly referring to alternative interpretations and showing their strengths and weaknesses.


Lenin wrote after reading Hegel’s Logic that none of the so-called marxists understood the subtleties of Chapter 1 of Volume I of Capital, heavily influenced as it was by the Logic. Most scholars take the theory of the commodity fetish as an interesting aside, dabbling in philosophy and not economics.

Isaak Illich Rubin

To do this, we analyze the relations existing between Marx, Rubin and the theory of science of the Isaaj Marxist philosopher Gustavo Bueno. Published December 1st by Black Rose Books first published At Menshevik TrialRubin refused to confirm the existence of a Menshevik organisation.

And one more before I try to connect them: His main work Essays on Marx’s Theory of Value was published in In a word, those laws became illlch fetish, they were reified. The concept of valueas understood by Rubin, cannot exist illlch the other elements of a full-blown capitalist economy: Today the tongues of commodities are barcodes and RFID chips, and commodities move in container boxes and in large fleets of jet freight planes.

Isaak Illich Rubin Archive

If I thought that the sea of commentary on Marx was endless, Rubin turns that sea into an ocean. His pedagogical presence is intense, he is keen to make sure the reader understands his points through repetition, thoroughness, and a wide rubon of examples. Thanks for telling us about the problem. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Conor rated it it was amazing Nov 24, This book is a translation of the third edition published in Skip to main content.

Lex Wilson rated it really liked it Jun 24, Specifically it investigates why value must move and how it actually moves.

Isaak Illich Rubin – Wikipedia

The result of the attention to form is we get a more radical understanding illixh both as analysis and as politics. On the one hand, he stresses the problems he attributes to a Hegelian conception of science that need to start from the most abstract notion and gradually, by means of conceptual transformation reach concrete reality.

Rubin was arrested on December 23,isask accused of being a member of the All-Union Bureau of Mensheviksa fictitious secret organisation.


Ryan Aitken rated it it was amazing Aug 07, Aug 28, Naeem rated it it was amazing. Political economy, defined in the study of social relations and culture. The capitalist form is the only one in history in which social relations appear through things.

I think this book should be read before, not after, reading Capital as the latter undertaking is a difficult assignment and a good guide is indispensable.

But Rubin never tires of saying and showing that for Marx, exchange and circulation are assumed to determine value see for example, Nevertheless, isaka pounds out the argument that Marx is being dialectical through and through and therefore the separation and different emphases on production and circulation are mere moments in his seamless analysis.

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S0metim3s rated it liked it Apr 10, Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Mar 17, Dusan rated it it was amazing. According to Arthur, the rediscovery of Rubin’s “masterly exegesis” was “the most important single influence on the value form approach to Capital”. As a book of his essays it can mostly be read in scattered order, but a chronological reading is helpful for ascertaining Rubin’s thesis.

Since each essay wrestles with various aspects of Marx’s theories often with far more detail than Marx ever providedit serves as a great reference book too, when you’re puzzling over issues like abstract labor, or value-price relations. Although he agreed to make false statements regarding Riazanov’s correspondence with other secret Mensheviks, he claimed that this was done on the basis of “great personal trust” rather than organisational discipline.

For example he explains how the categories of political economy express social relations, how these social relations are attached to the transfer in ownership of things and how social relations can take on reified forms just as things can take on social functions.

He was executed in during the course of the Great Purge, but his ideas have since been rehabilitated.