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Dawkins Review of Intellectual Impostures. Guattari, one of many fashionable French ‘intellectuals’ outed by Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont in. Intellectual Impostures by Sokal and Bricmont. Robert Taylor cheers to the rafters the attack by Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont on modern French philosophy’s. originally published in French, as: Impostures intellectuelles; US title: Fashionable Nonsense; UK title: Intellectual Impostures; US subtitle: Postmodern .

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These are a little more general, but Sokal and Bricmont still restrict themselves to pointing out specific errors, which in these areas is really so easy as to be pointless. Only published works are available at libraries. And as far as we can see it means precisely nothing. I would like to have seen it more prominently placed and given fuller treatment, but I think Sokal and Bricmont would need to team up with someone from imposttures other camp” — a historian or sociologist of science, perhaps — to do any sort of decent job of this.

When one reminds oneself that the history of thought as a whole has been one of assertions being made that have been proved, if not at the time then subsequently, to bear more than one meaning and to be open to literally interminable re-interpretation, it becomes obvious that the notion of natural language underpinning a book like Intellectual Impostures lntellectual alarmingly impoverished.

One can appreciate his claim that in the humanities the process of carrying out daring intellectual pirouettes is often the heart of the matter, and not a distraction. Archived from the original on May 12, I recommend this book for anyone who wants to ‘deprogram’ the post-modern out of someone they know and love.

The stated goal of the book is not to attack “philosophy, the humanities or the social sciences in general They are however scrupulous about setting out quotations and references.

The book is aimed not so much at these individual writers but at the very tone of voice adopted by cultural and academic intellectuals over the last 25 years. In the first place, singularities-events correspond to heterogeneous series which are organized into a system which is neither stable nor unstable, but rather ‘metastable’, endowed with a potential energy wherein the differences between series are distributed The French, however, were the first to have the benefit of this book, which appeared there a year ago, before being translated into English by the authors themselves and published in the language community which they knew from the start had the greater need of it.


Responses from the scientific community were more supportive. Obviously aware of the criticism they could expect from those quarters attacked in the book, they made sure their sources were pretty bomb proof. Since Medawar’s time, the whispering campaign has raised its voice.

Intellectual Impostures (Alan Sokal, Jean Bricmont) – review

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Anyone who practises science, or who grew intellectua, with scientists around them my father was a zoologistknows that science simply cannot be practised — cannot even be started — in a world according to Irigaray.

Sokal and Bricmont examine the canon of French postmodernists – Lacan, Kristeva, Baudrillard, Irigaray, Latour, Virilio, Deleuze and Guattari – and systematically expose their abuse of science.

Way back in the pre-theoretical Fifties, a journalist called Ivor Brown used to have elementary fun at the expense of a serial intruder on our insular peace of mind, a bacillus known as the LFF, or Latest Foreign Fraud. What seems to me to indicate the possibly sexed nature of this equation is not directly its uses by nuclear weapons, rather it is having privileged what goes the fastest. This is the diametrical opposite of the way science operates. It is not just that he disagrees with what is said, but that he does not think anyone has the right to say it.

It will still be necessary intrllectual evaluate and examine these competing theories however, and to do this some kind of objective stance will always be necessary. A Propos of Impostures Intellectuelles by A.


The original parody, included here, is a fairly fun read it can also be found online. Deleuze and Guattari have written and collaborated on books described by the celebrated Michel Foucault as “among the greatest of the great This latter point has been disputed by Arkady Plotnitsky one of the authors mentioned by Sokal in his original hoax. The Sham That Shook the Academy. He calls it ridiculous and weird that there are intensities of treatment by the scientists, in particular, that he was “much less badly treated,” when in fact he was the main target of the US press.

The science aspect is of course easy to debunk, and thank god Sokal and Bricmont have done some of that work. No one can really deny that. This book is in many respects a gloss on the article. Robert Taylor – – Philosophy Now Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

John Sturrock LRB16 July thinks that clarity and rigour are admirable qualities in the natural sciences, but dispensable or even deleterious in the humanities and the social sciences. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Find it on Scholar.

Postmodernism disrobed

The result is that a lot of big name academics get bigger names while the rest of us are none the wiser. John Sturrock LRB16 July is quite right and his account of the delusions of poor Sokal and poor Bricmont gets to the heart of the matter. Intfllectual and Bricmont claim that they do not intend to analyze postmodernist thought in general. The Cambridge Companion to Lacan.

Retrieved 25 June Sign in Create an account. But it would be interesting to know how, if at all, Sturrock would discriminate between the former and the latter.