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IIFT Past papers from to XAT Past papers from to The most important step is to practice MOCK CAT tests like IMS SimCAT which is. Check the features about IMS CAT and other MBA entrance test series programs and applicable Take the IMS SimCAT and Experience CAT Before the CAT!!. The SimCATs marked as self-proctored are tests that a student can take from his home as well during the specified test window. The student.

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A good score in the test is your ticket to the best B-Schools in the country. In the field of management education, IMS boasts of being one of the oldest institutions in India, providing a platform for students to further their careers. We believe aspirants who want to crack the CAT exam need to take many steps starting with revising basic concepts, practice more and solve CAT level questions, take as many mock tests as you can, analyze their performance and plan a strategy to crack the CAT exam!

Try question from our C-A-T modules to see if it matches your requirements. Register here to experience the online student platform! CAT Past papers from to IIFT Past papers from to SNAP Past papers from to XAT Past papers from to Register for the Test.

Click here to Register. Experience the simulated test platform. View your detailed Performance evaluation report. The mocks were well structured simcqt through the comprehensive analysis, I could plug in a lot of my shortcomings.

The verbal section of the mocks was imss to the actual CAT and their detailed explanations helped me a lot in understanding my mistakes. Thanks to everyone in IMS for putting so much effort in coming up with these brilliant mocks.

According to me, attempting simcag tests is one of the best approaches to CAT preparation. Along with quality questions, the proper explanations made it a value adding experience. Also, support from administrators at the local center has been quite generous. Thank you to IMS! This included the well-designed correspondence course material and online tests. The study material is useful for brushing up on formulae and question solving techniques, especially for Quant. The detailed solution after the tests helped me identify my weaker areas, along with building conceptual knowledge.


Take the IMS SimCATs and experience the CAT before the CAT

Getting the percentile after attending the test also gave me an idea of where I stood and how much I needed to improve. Later, the mock PI session was really helpful, simact it helped me frame my answers better and gave me an idea of follow up questions. The people at IMS have been really supportive, right from my enrolment to the final results.

They were constantly in touch and tried to solve any issue ASAP. Shreya from the Andheri center promptly replied to all my queries and ensured a smooth process.

My thanks to IMS for the all round effort. Simdat it comes to the selection process of IIMs, preparation is what decides who makes the cut. IMS has the experience and the required knowledge lms these processes and has what it takes to step up an average candidate into an aspiring manager.

IMS Bangalore: Attention All CAT Aspirants!! – SimCAT Schedule

The mock GDs and PIs act as practice sessions for the actual ones and the feedback received on making mistakes is what helped me get better. I think while preparing for an exam, practice is the most important thing. IMS’ mock tests and general test material helped somcat a lot.

The questions and solutions covered almost everything. Overall, the verbal section was particularly nice.

IMS SIMCAT scores and Discussion for the entire 2013-14 season !!!

I think everyone should attempt as many questions as possible and solving a good question bank like this is a must for serious applicants. The teachers there helped me a lot to plan my studies and also took very insightful classes which went a long way in clearing the doubts I had in my weak areas.


I could even contact them over email whenever I wanted and I would get an instant reply. As a result I only had to work hard and keep my focus during the last few months which helped me secure this result.

The most important aspect of my preparation was taking and analysing mock tests. They had mocks of varying difficulty levels, which helped to test different test-taking skills. One should give loads of mocks – and enjoy simdat Aptitude exams are tests of strategy and mocks will help you devise YOUR strategy. There is no unique strategy that works for all.

They were very representative of the actual CAT in terms of difficulty and subject weightage.

IMS had great faculty to help me out with my interviews. These mocks were very close to the actual CAT paper and the explanation provided was very thorough as well. The faculty and staff at IMS are very pleasant and helpful. And of course, IMS’s test series helped me a lot with my preparation. The result and subsequent analyses help in understanding your weaknesses and improve scores tremendously.

In this area, IMS is unparalleled. Their test series was comprehensive, challenging and cohesive. Additionally, they gave a lot of freedom to students, and I was able to give the test at my convenience, saving me a lot of time and energy. The tests were well structured and had the perfect range of difficulty. The analyses provided after every test were especially helpful. It was like having a guide with you 24×7! B School and Test Notification.

If you are looking for any other information about CAT exam, please click here. Bishwadeep Bagchi — CAT ,