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ICEA S 108 720 PDF

ICEA S applies to materials, constructions, and testing of crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) and ethylene propylene rubber (EPR). Find the most up-to-date version of ICEA S at Engineering ANSI / ICEA S Standard for extruded insulation power cables rated above 46 through. kV. ISO Standards. Our systems comply with the.

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When there are questions regarding compliance to this standard, measurements shall be made with an optical measuring device or with calipers with a resolution of 0. The iceq wafer shall be at least 25 mils 0. Samples with suitable conductor sizes copper or aluminum and designs shall be tested within a given voltage dass. For purposes of this standard, the BIL value shall be in accordance with Table The cutting blade shall be sharp and shall produce wafers with uniform thickness and with very smooth surfaces.

The energy released in the conducting component shall x exceed milli-watts. Specimens can be ground or cut to meet thickness requirements. At the end of the test period, the sample shall 7720 examined without magnification. The conductor shall be maintained at the specified temperature for the last two hours of the heating period.

While these cables are applicable to installations which are on grounded systems, they may also be used on other cable systems, provided the above dearing requirements are met in completely de-energizing the faulted section. The heating and cooling cyde shall be performed three times, if required.

The cable sample shall have a minimum active length of 30 feet 9. The jacket material tests or certificationfrom the material supplier can be used by all cable producers who propose to use the material.

The test may be discontinued when the limits of the test equipment are reached provided that the sample has passed the BIL value specified in Table It is recornmended that the minimum size conductor be in accordance with Table The initially applied ac test voltage shall be not greater than the rated ac iceaa of the cable under test. In common with other electrical equipment, the use of cables is not recommended on systems where the ratio of the zero to positive sequence-phase reactance of the system at the point of cable application lies behiveen -1 and 4 0 since excessively high voltages may be encountered in the case of ground faults.

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The width of the corrugated tape shield shall be such that after corrugation the edges shall ocea by not less than 0.

ICEA S – PDF Free Download

The stress limits are based on rated voltage, given in Table Other alloy lead sheaths may be furnished if the composition is mutually agreed upon by the purchaser and the manufacturer. This does not include douds, swirls or flow patterns which are normally associatedwith the extnrsion process. The length of lay of the helically applied wire shield shall be not less 1108 six times nor greater than ten times the calculated minimum diameter over the wire iccea.

The straps shall be measured for width and thickness at each end of the sample and near the middle of the sample.

Each length of cable to be tested shall be sealed at one end over the insulation shield using a rubber cap filled with anhydrous calcium sulphate granules. It is not intended to be a comprehensive listing.

For jackets with a wall thickness exceeding mils 5. The resultant polymers may provide improvements while complying with applicable requirements in ICEA standards. Failure of either of the additional specimens shall indicate failure of the sample to conform to this standard. ASTM B for series aluminum alloy annealed and intermediate 7200. Increase in Resistance Due to Stranding 1. The insulation of the sample examined shall be free from: The measurements shall be made directly on the sheath removed from the cable.


The metallic shield can consist of wires, flat straps, tape, foils or a sheath. The maximumcontinuous or repetitious apparent charge transfer, measured in picocoulombs, occumng at the test voltage.


I Optional Center Strand Identification The interface between the extruded conductor shield and the insulation 270 be cylindrical and free from protrusions and irregularities that extend more than 3 mils 0.

Once per month a sample of each qualified insulation shall be obtained from each compound kcea line and subjected to this test The test shall be performed in accordance with ASTM D using the following standard specimens and conditions. Corrosion Resistance Experience has shown that the metallic shields of un-jacketed cables will corrode in many types of coil. Additional qualification tests in Part 9 covers production test procedures applicable to cable component materials and to completed cables.

Metallic Sheaths Lead sheaths have a tendency to icae and lose contact with the insulation shield. Partial loss of the shields is also permissible provided each shield is a continuous ring. When the cross-section of the slice 7720 not a segment of a circle, the area shall be calculated from a direct measurement of the volume or from the specific gravity and the weight of a known length of the specimen having a uniform crosssedon.

A qualified semiconducting conductor shield can be used as an insulation shield without requalification. The direction of lay may be right-hand or left-hand.

ICEA S-108-720

The sample s shall be bent at room temperature. Nso, a radial moisture bamer is optional for crosslinked poiyethyiene insulated cables intended for dry locations. They can also cause torsional forces which may damage the 270.