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I am FUCKING PROUD of this essay, in which I compared the gruesome short story La gallina degollada, or The Decapitated Chicken, to the tortured life and. Un cuento de terror escrito por Horacio Quiroga. Fue publicado en en Argentina. | See more ideas about Hens, Sisters and Biography. La gallina degollada has ratings and 63 reviews. Rizo said: Demasiado crudo para mi gusto personal (teniendo en cuenta el tema en.

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The couple decide to go out for the day with Bertita. Ana rated it did not like it Nov 02, The day she celebrates her fourth birthday, the child becomes feverish. At the age of 20 months, though, the child is overtaken by illness and is damaged to the point of imbecility. When neither solution nor solace are forthcoming, he turns against the church with renewed anger.

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La gallina degollada by Horacio Quiroga. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here At the end of the story, degoollada is not for the weak of heart, the retarded sons drag their sister into the kitchen and kill her in the same manner as the hen. They ignore their four retarded sons and direct all their attention and care to Bertita, their precious little girl. Both tales depict growing hopelessness and the breakdown of a once happy marriage.

During the morning the four sons see the maid killing a chicken and are fascinated by the sight of blood draining from the bird’s neck. The parents respond to this tragedy with “new flames of aching love” in hopes of another son, but once again the same tragedy occurs. Husband and wife eventually become reconciled, though, and have another child, this time a daughter.


Horacio Quiroga is a genius.: miraclegrove

In the afternoon Bertita escapes from her parents and wanders into the yard. She paused and thoughtfully watched the crest of the sun dip behind the wall. Yet they were almost always stuck in a somber lethargy of idiocy, they spent the whole day seated on the bench with their legs hanging down motionless, their pants soaked in saliva. In “The Decapitated Chicken” Mazzini and Berta try to “redeem once and for all the sanctity of their tenderness” and are desperate for the “redemption of the four animals born to them.

The hope of creating a healthy son slowly changes into resentment and apprehension. They know quoroga to make mistakes because the forest is unforgiving, and failure often means death. Yet this second disaster sprouted new flames of a dying love, an insane longing to redeem, once and for all, the sanctity of their love.

The heroes of such stories always save the day, and all is of happiness and eternal love at the end. Fearful that their dear daughter, the object of such affection, is at death’s door, they fight all night over who is to blame.

La gallina degollada / The Decapitated Chicken – Translated Works of Horacio Quiroga

At this point, the desperation, hopelessness and hostility between the couple begins to rise. A splendid day dawned and as Berta got up she spat out blood. The bile had accumulated long quioga to the point where the venom in the viscera could spill from the slightest touch.

He also excelled in portraying mental illness and hallucinatory states. Literatura — Horror latino. In this gory tale, Quiroga uses a lot of foreshadowing. The Decapitated Chicken and Other Stories.


PameKi rated it did not like it Jan 30, Quiroga’s first marriage also resulted in death, when “in a desperate move, uqiroga wife] Ana Maria took a dose of slow-acting poison.

In Quiroga there are comments such as “paying for the excesses of their grandfathers,” “the terrifying line of descent,” “rotten progeny. All day long the four idiot sons of the Mazzini-Ferraz marriage sat on the bench beside the patio.

la gallina degollada and horacio quiroga

This time Mazzini expressed himself clearly. In Quiroga there are eight references to animal qualities: See 1 question about La gallina degollada…. The gaze of the idiots became animated; the same insistent look came over all their pupils.

In the Conrad tale a couple have four idiot children twin boys, another boy, then a girlthe wife kills her husband because he tries to force her to have another child, then commits suicide by leaping from a cliff.

Religious themes run through both stories. Old and in failing health, he realized that he was horaclo completely alone at the end of a life full of suffering, and committed suicide on February 19th, When neither solution nor solace are forthcoming, he turns against the church with renewed anger.

By early in the morning her indigestion had disappeared, and as it inevitably occurs with all young marriages that have felt an intense love at one time or another, their reconciliation arrived, and was all the more degollaada from the infamy of their offenses. By gwllina to use this website, you agree to their use.