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Wow. I really hope Nikon can fix this quickly .. “Thus, because of the apparent widespread nature of the problem and Nikon’s response to it. Nikon Ds — avoid; even a D is a better camera today; Nikon D — Recommended (best all-around ILC ); Nikon D Simple question to those that have purchased the D/E ebook by Thom Hogan if you’ve read through it, do you think it was worth getting.

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With over pages of detailed, complete, and useful information, you’ll find all your questions about the camera and how to use it answered.

What do your books work on? This is something I’m going to have to watch when I’m in Africa. But I think that Nikon basically got this right. For almost everyone, they’ve got a fairly fixed print size.

I certainly fall hoan this category.

Controversial or not, Thom makes excellent points and for the most part I ohgan with him. However, I do like Thom’s articles because he includes the business side of the issue.

Spike’s Photos

Obviously, Thom is saying “not recommended” cause you may or you may not be a winner when you buy this camera. If you shoot landscapes and are going for depth of field, diffraction will be your real enemy, not the AA filter. I tried to make friends but the other paparazzis just laughed at me. The rest of the world? The hkgan customer in question is himself.


Why Not Think of Capture as “the Negative”? I certainly hope this is a fluke for Nikon.

The D announcement in February was both expected and a surprise. All this is troubling me after blowing a large amount of cash!! At the time of purchase Thom Hogan was recommending the camera and I bought his book on that basis. It even had the most f800 firmware. Yeah, I know you want pictures. South Africa History Day Day 3: I was relatively quiet for a long time about anything other than reporting that I’d seen the problem. Its like a guy saying “Gee I bought this D Mazaratticompared to my honda D it has rough suspension and loud exhaust and eats CF cards.

I’ll use them without concern up to a particular ISO value, then switch to my D4 above that previously D3s.

Thom Hogan Declares D800 “Not Recommended”

Many cameras today include built-in image stabilization systems, but when it comes to video that’s still no substitute for a proper camera stabilization rig. But if you couldn’t see the Live View screen, it didn’t make much difference what the white balance was, did it?


Otherwise as I hoped I suggested, it doesn’t appear to be one that is very useful to discerning the actual concerns owners have.

What do I do? Let’s move right to the noise comments:. I repeated the test once more, and this time the viewfinder focus was very close to the live view focus, certainly within the range of acceptability. I don’t really agree with that dpi statement; I came to believe that dpi was about the limit where you got usable information out of 35mm slide film.

Thom Hogan’s Guide to the Nikon D | Spike’s Photos

What will the Haiku-enator say to that question? Is that chance higher with a D than any other camera? All I see is a blinking low battery indicator. Can I copy the eBook file to my other computers?