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Download HAMEG HM OSCILLOSCOPE UM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Find great deals for HAMEG HM Oszilloskop 20mhz digital Storage. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I have been experiencing a problem with my Hameg HM oscilloscope. It was working correctly then the trace suddenly went back to the left.

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X 10 button depressed. In principle it is possible to measure in any display position and at any signal amplitude. The single sweep mode is not applicable in analogue oscilloscope operation. In X-Y oper- ation, characteristic curves, transfer loci, and Lissajous figures hamwg be stored at low frequencies.

Intermediate values can be set with the small concentric knob variable. Questions and answers about this item. It is essential that it has sufficient breakdown strength.

Decreases deflection by a factor of 2. Time measurement with time fine control at right stop CAL. If the bm is set down vertically on the rear panel feet after carrying, the handle rennains autonnatically in the carrying position Fig. This short circuit should be repeated several times im- portant when changing tubes!


Hameg HM 2 Kanal Storage | eBay

If the signal frequency is not known, there are two other methods for correct time coefficient setting. The same also applies for replacing the rear cover. If the video signal of a television receiver is to be dis- played at frame haemg, set the trigger selector switch in the LF position low frequency to attenuate the line pulses.

I buttons not depressed. This is possible by using the test signal itself or by an externally supplied but synchronous signal voltage. Adjust signal to desired display height with attenuator switch.

Single sweep is recom- mended in particular for aperiodic signals or single events, such as a switching on process. If it is set to LF, noise and interference frequencies which could possibly cause premature triggering are sup- pressed above 1 kHz low pass filterbut the low frequency signal components – including DC – are transmitted.


Now refit the insulating cap to the BNC plug. Extremely low-frequency events can be stored, where the waveform is no longer indicated by a moving dot, but is now displayed In its entirety. Stored waveforms from different operating modes can also be displayed for demonstration purposes. The vertical position of the dis- play depends upon the Y-POS. The use of repaired fuses or short circuiting the fuse holder is not allowed.

The bandwidth of the HM is therefore fully utilized when using the HZ5152 and 54 probes without having to accept wave form distor- tions. A YT type plotter can be used, utilising its own X feed, although this is obviously not possible for XY plots from the oscilloscope. When the memory mode is switched on, the analog timebase is switched off. The yameg have internal resistance of approx. The post-acceleration connection of the CRT remains at a high voltage even a lengthy time after switching off.

The relationships between the different voltage values can be seen in the fol- lowing diagram. The other hhm can then have a leading or lagging phase angle.

An attenuator probe must always be con- nected in series at more than Vpp. Dis- playing composite signals can be difficult, especially if they contain no repetive higher amplitude content which can be used for triggering. If a sine signal is noticably distorted by even har- monics, or if an offset direct voltage is present, AC coupling is recommended for both channels.

Oszillograph HM208

The use of other cleaning agents can attack the plastic and paint surfaces. Lissajous figures can be displayed in the X-Vmode for cer- tain measuring tasks; – Comparing two signals of different frequency or hj one frequency up to the frequency of the other signal.


With AC coupling of low frequency signals, the attenuation is no longer independent of frequency, pulses can show pulse tilts. The latter applies both for analog and memory mode. Since the real time mode has priority in this case its control adjustments are deter- minedthe memory images must be read in beforehand. This is interfaced via a 5 pole DIN rear panel socket. It locates hamg the calibration position at the right stop.

Each change in the signal appears at the right display edge and runs across to the left display margin. Only the -t- 1 2 V voltage, which serves as voltage reference for the other stabilized voltages, can be adjusted. This triggering mode is therefore called automatic triggering. With sine shapes the zero-axis cros- sings are therefore critical and with the square waves, hameeg edges.

X10 button and shifted horizontally with the X-POS. In fact the bandwidth and rise time of the HM are not noticably changed with these probe types and the waveform reproduction ahmeg can even be improved because the probe can be matched to the oscillo- scope’s individual pulse response. Here pay attention that the cover plate is also correctly engaged.

It hj greater picture intensity for certain uameg. Buyer Protection Not Applicable. Starting with the vertical carrying position Fig. The vertical amplifier is designed so that the transmission performance is not influenced by inherent overshooting. The sig- nal shape can often be improved by use of this control.

Thus single events such as switching on or off processes, non-periodic sig- nals can be displayed and hamet as long as required with constantly uniform screen intensity.