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GURPS Spaceships [David L. Pulver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Three, two, one Blast off! GURPS Spaceships is the. GURPS Spaceships (4ed) *OP [David L. Pulver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Spaceship sourcebook for GURPS 4th Editon. Is gurps spaceships a good product for people wanting to do SFRPG campaigns ? I was wondering how detailed it was? Is it fairly detailed or is.

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This is to solve the problem in standard GURPS whereby kinetics suffered enormous base accuracy penalties even against stationary targets. Surf our site for the files you want.

This helps align size categories to the ones already present in Eclipse Phase. Adjust the values proportionately for campaigns with different starting wealth. Privacy Policy Contact Us. Add the cost of both systems together and divide by two.

This limits tactical maneuver by interplanetary vessels and prefigures a kind of carrier warfare in which these craft deploy swarms of high-thrust assets. Four other factors I can think of suggest the superiority of this tactic: Though drones will need to dive in and out of cloud to relay information without losing packets or use laser communication which can be even less reliable due to problems with determining exact drone position through a cloud that obscures even signatures of the battleship.

I then reduced the final cost by 5 points, as I believe that sinking a chunk of your points into having a ship which is not Signature Gear saddles one with the equivalent of a minor Vow or Duty, as you must constantly protect and maintain your ship. Most ships will have a standard fuel processor.

Using GURPS Spaceships in Traveller [MyGURPS]

As with hanger bays, vehicle docks may be combined to hold one large vehicle or split among multiple smaller ones. Whether you’re looking to fight with myriad combat-ready vessels, travel between worlds with Passenger Space Vehicles, or explore a variety of space stations, this supplement has you covered.


Indestructible armor does not exist. If a vehicle dock is targeted in combat and no vehicle is present, use the dDR of the larger spaceship; a disabled system prevents future docking. Same with railguns and missiles.

GURPS Spaceships 3: Warships and Space Pirates

The following systems can be split for half effect round down in all cases: Salvo tables handle large numbers of attacks with fewer dice rolls. Operators on the ship in such a system give only general recommendations and missiles make their own decisions basing them on more relevant data. EP tech probably allows linking missile salvo computers into a network allowing them a measure of autonomy.

While using drones you not only get information on enemy position that is subject to light lag but each drone tracking program must adjust to his own movement and to light lag in sensors of the ship.

Spaceship Design and Combat: GURPS conversion

Even without practical stealth spaceshi;s space, there’s a degree of resolution between a simple “contact” and a good target lock. Additionally if drone is small missile size distance at which its sensors will be able to give more information than sensors on the ship is probably measured in dozens of kilometres, not even hundreds.

That’s one of the few offensive uses for lasers; not to directly damage heavy targets, but to reach out and quickly pluck spacesips weak targets out of the volume. In addition, ships can mount sandcasterswhich are bought as missile launchers which actually fire exploding loads of crystals. M-Drives are bought as Standard Reactionless Engines; there are no other reactionless engines in Traveller.

It covers spaceship design, travel, and operations, along with a mapless space combat system. Other volumes in the series expand on the core for more possibilities!


Of course there is situations in spaceshjps use of drones will be a must – for example if one of combatants uses wall like clouds of charged particles to obscure his position or other similar effects.

Using GURPS Spaceships in Traveller

It includes dozens of new rules and design options applicable to that setting but useful for other realistic shipbuilders. Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines.

Divergent and Paranormal Tech expands ship construction options with unusual and variant spaceship design options — ships can harness the power of magic, steam, or life!

It comes with over 50 spacecraft designs, gathered from across the Transhuman Space setting; each one provides enough information to make it useful even if you don’t have the original supplements! Mining and Industrial Spacecraft gives new design options and details on spacecraft designed to tap the void’s economic potential. Written by David L. Though how good are ggurps depends on composition of opponents fleet.

Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. It only protects against ghost particle meson weapons. If the carried vehicle is present, the spaceship’s dDR does not protect it! Size is no obstacle. Neither processor requires any power points. Skill Conversion This modified system uses 1d10 for skill rolls rather than 1d Gjrps explosive charge can transform any “drone” into a cloud of shrapnel projectiles.

Yeah that sounds like a better solution.