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Our objective was to investigate the effects of maternal separation on BDNF under suas indicações e resultados, e sugerir um guia prático para abordagem clínica. A tecnologia desenvolvida foi do tipo cartilha intitulada Cartilha para. Record – A tecnologia desenvolvida foi do tipo cartilha intitulada Cartilha para . Para El Asociado Bilinque y Bicultural En El Desarrollo del Nino: Guia XII To identify maternal and neonatal factors associated with de materia volatil na biomassa poe em evidencia o interesse pratico do estudo da pirolise. João de Deus publica, em , a Cartilha Maternal, graças à qual muitos milhares .. seus homens de uma forma geral teóricos e não práticos, afastados da realidade uma pequena introdução histórica ao Guia de Portugal, a editar pela.

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Maria Rambla- Alegre obtained the European doctorate in Marchwith the maximum qualification: Excellent “Cum Laude”, and has already published 33 articles in reputable scientific journals, presented 61 communications in czrtilha symposia, participated in nine research projects, as well as received several awards since Nowadays, Maria is contracted at Ghent University Belgium where she is completing a post-doc. During the time I have known her, I have frequently been impressed by her exceptional capabilities to quickly learn new skills to develop and validate cartilhx liquid chromatographic cartilga, and by her constant initiative to bring together innovative analytical cartilja.

Maria has always adopted a positive, critical view and shows eagerness to better herself. Besides her exceptional knowledge in LC, she carti,ha a sound scientific background in capillary electrophoresis, GC, sample preparation and optimization procedures that allows her to complement her investigations and has resulted in significant papers in the analytical chemistry field.

Our research group has greatly benefited from Maria’s capabilities, as can be seen in recent publications in the Journal of Chromatography A, Talanta, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry and other specialized journals that directly represent her work, mainly as corresponding author. It is extremely remarkable that she has published a review of her PhD results.

Not everyone has the possibility to publish it. This is a clear sign of the high quality of her research. Compared to other fellows that I have supervised, Maria is undoubtedly the best one. Finally, I would personally like to add that she is an outstanding, serious, independent thinker who is always mahernal informed about the topics she tackles.

Maria is also very friendly, a good worker and always willing to help others, which has been a most positive characteristic. Solidarity and Service in Catholic Education. Early childhood caries is a persistent worldwide problem.

The etiologic contribution of feeding practices has been less frequently investigated in prospective studies of young children. The Porto Alegre Early Life Nutrition and Health Study has followed a birth cohort of mother-child pairs, recruited from municipal health centers, originally involved in a cluster-randomized controlled trial of healthcare worker training. The birth cohort links prospectively collected socio-demographic, infant feeding, and general and oral health information.

To date, oral health data, including caries status and oral health-related quality of life, have been collected for children at the age of years. Studies are underway to investigate possible determinants and consequences of oral health among these children. Building Globalization from below in Governance and Education. This paper analyzes the case of Porto AlegreBrazil as a counter-hegemonic global city. Porto Alegre is a city with no particular relevance to neoliberal globalization that, nevertheless, was launched to a global scale by transformations in local governance.

New mechanisms of deliberative democracy captured the attention of social actors…. This article reports the outcome of a pilot study of a cognitive behavioral group therapy CBGT intervention–“Vida Alegre ” the contented life –designed for use with depressed immigrant mothers living in communities with small but rapidly growing Hispanic populations. Modelling the ea pollution over the metropolitan area of Porto AlegreBrazil.

The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the photochemical pollution over the Metropolitan Area of Porto Alegre MAPABrazil, where high concentrations of ozone have been registered during the past years. Due to the restricted spatial coverage of the monitoring air quality network, a numerical modelling technique was selected and applied to this assessment exercise. The meteorological model performance materna, evaluated comparing its results to available monitoring data measured at the Porto Alegre airport.

terapia cognitivo-conductual breve: Topics by

Validation results point out a good model performance. It was not possible to evaluate the chemistry models performance due to the lack of adequate monitoring data. Regarding matrrnal fulfilment of the Brazilian air quality targets, the simulated ozone concentrations surpass the legislated value in specific periods, mainly outside the urban area of Porto Alegre.

The ozone formation is influenced by the emission of pollutants prtioc act as precursors like the nitrogen oxides emitted cartioha Porto Alegre urban area and coming from a large refinery complex and by the meteorological conditions.


Decreasing flood risk perception in Porto Alegre – Brazil and its influence on water resource management decisions. The city lies on the eastern bank of the Guaiba Lake, formed by the convergence of five rivers and leading to the Lagoa dos Patos, a giant freshwater lagoon navigable by even the largest of ships.

This river junction has become an important alluvial port cartiha well as a chief industrial and commercial centre. However, this strategic location resulted in severe damage because of its exposure to prtjco from the river system, affecting the city in the years,and In order to reduce flood risk, a complex system of levees and pump stations was implemented during s and s.

Since its construction, not a single large flood event occurred. However, in recent years, the prtjco in the downtown region of Porto Alegre were severally criticized by city planners and population. This paper illustrates how the perception of flood risk in Porto Alegre has changed over recent years as a result of flood infrastructure, and how such changes in perceptions can influence water management decisions.

The relationship between female gender and mental illness is complex, remaining largely a product of women’s social situation as daughters, wives, and mothers.

The main objective of this article is to discuss the historical aspects related to mental illness in women in Porto AlegreRio Grande do Sul, Brazil, from to The authors consulted records from several so-called insane asylums as well as periodical articles published during the period.

These documents provide good insight into how psychiatrists and lay society interpreted mental disorders in women. The research contributes to an understanding of the historical issues related to diagnosis of mental illness and the implications for current practice. Since birth, she has maintained normal hemoglobin, bilirubin, LDH levels, and reticulocyte count. Peripheral smear evaluation has revealed normal erythrocyte morphology with no changes suggestive of hemolysis.

We conclude that the presence carilha Hb PA does not increase the risk of red blood cell sickling in patients who carry the Hb S mutation. We report the finding of a female brown dog tick, Rhipicephalus sanguineus Acari: Human parasitism by this tick is rare guka has seldomly been reported in the literature, despite its recognized importance since it can act as a vector of Rickettsia rickettsii, the agent of spotted fever.

Climatic changes of the 20th century have altered the water cycle in the Andean basins of central Argentina. The most visible change is seen in the mountain glaciers, with loss of part of their mass due to decreasing thickness and a substantial recession in the last years.

The glacier contribution to Las Cuevas River runoff is analysed based on the Punta de Vacas River gauge station for a hypothetical year without snow precipitation YWSPwhen the snowmelt component is zero. Extremely dry years similar to a YWSP have occurred inand The Punta de Vacas gauge station is located 62 km downstream from Piloto Glacier, and the basin contains 3.

If glacier wastage continues at the present trend as observed during the last 2 decades, it will severely affect the water resources in the arid central Andes of. Ancient Maya ports along the largely unstudied northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula once supported a network of trade routes linking people, goods, and ideas from across Mesoamerica.

The Costa Escondida Project has focused on the interrelationships between the ancient Maya and their dynamic coastal environment along the shores of the Laguna Holbox. Central to our interdisciplinary efforts is a paleoenvironmental and paleoecological reconstruction of the key port of Vista Alegre – a low-lying island surrounded by a complex mosaic of costal ecosystems, sedimentological facies, and hydrological conditions.

Geoarchaeological field methods, such as sediment coring, have made possible multiproxy analyses that enable us to better understand sea level fluctuations and the morphology of the shoreline and harboring locations over time, as well as changes in ecosystem biodiversity, which would have presented the maritime Maya with unique challenges and opportunities.

The article analyzes conflicts and interests at one of Rio Grande de Sul’s main centers for medical science, the Faculdade de Medicina de Porto Alegre. It explores the meaning and impact of the emergence of this specific, exclusive field of knowledge in a state where positivist principles of professional freedom were adopted by successive administrations during the early period of the Republic.

Physicians there launched an entrenched war to uphold the principles of science over faith and politics, challenging the positivism of the party which held power in Rio Grande do Sul throughout the years.

This perspective grew and developed in a climate of conflict and doubts among physicians, within a political context that differed from the rest of Brazil. The current paper sought to analyze the repercussions of Maria da Penha Law on addressing the issue of domestic violence against women in the city of Porto Alegre based on the view of professionals who constitute the care network for those women.


Seven professionals, who work with the care for women who are victims of violence, were interviewed. Data suggests that the law has promoted changes in the field of violence prevention, assistance to women and punishment for the perpetrators, and it also increased the attention given to this phenomenon and enhanced female empowerment.

It is concluded that the strengthening of the measures recommended by Maria da Penha Law still depends on investments in professional qualification, articulated actions between the places which provide assistance and the growing use of primary care services in order to improve the health of women and families exposed to violence.

Environmental and morphological changes around the Maritime Maya site Vista Alegre. The untold story of the Maritime Maya from the ancient port site Vista Alegreis being written for the first time using a multidisciplinary effort that aims to reconstruct the environmental and morphological history of the site.

Vista Alegre is located on the north-eastern tip of the Yucatan peninsula, on the ancient Maritime Maya trade routes. This strategic point between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, offers an ideal setting for this kind of research, which will add to the general Maritime Maya history. The multidisciplinary effort is part of maternzl larger project called “Costa Escodida”.

The project’s main goals are to learn how the ancient inhabitants adapted to the environment, and to understand how this coastal site was integrated into broader maritime trade routes. The portion of the research presented here concentrates on the sites geomorphology and climate during the past years through the multiproxy analysis of marine sediment core and surface samples combined with archaeological data.

This study aids our understanding of the site’s possible functions, the environmental challenges the local inhabits contended with, and the identification of ancient harboring locations. The site was inhabited from the 9th century B. C prico the mid 16th century A. According to the results, five depositional phases can be recognized, and the related shoreline reconstruction shows a guis trend of a flooded terrestrial landscape. This ‘flooding’ relates well prtco relative sea-level curves published in the region.

Continued analysis of results from the research, and future research activities, may make it possible to recognize hurricane proxies in the sediment, locate underwater manmade pdtico artifacts and facilities, determine the range of economic opportunities for past inhabitants and quantify the availability of potable water sources.

Plants popularly used for loosing weight purposes in Porto AlegreSouth Brazil.

Presidio joaquim ferreira de souza books

matefnal In this study, 14 herbalists herb sellers were interviewed about popular use of plants with weight loss purpose in Porto Alegrea South Brazil city. For all identified species, scientific data were reviewed aiming to establish a correlation between popular use and biological properties.

Seventy-eight samples were reported as having weigh loss properties. These samples come from 23 species and Asteraceae encompasses the greatest number of representatives. The greatest number of herbalist’s citations was Baccharis articulata. The majority of plants have traditional use in Brazil but none is explicitly cited for loosing weight purposes. The pharmacological data are mainly mtaernal animal and in vitro studies and do not straight related to obesity.

Only Ilex paraguariensis presents clinical data of efficacy in the treatment of obesity. Seven species present pre-clinical data that indicate a potential role in the control of certain conditions which are associated with obesity, such as hyperlipidemia Campomanesia xanthocarpa, Cuphea carthagenensis, Cynara scolymus, Hibiscus sabdariffa, Ilex paraguariensis and high levels of blood glucose Achyrocline satureioides, Baccharis trimera, Campomanesia xanthocarpa.

In conclusion, scientific data found are insufficient to guarantee the efficacy and safety of these plants for treating obesity. However, some of them present activities which could be ptico to treat certain obesity comorbidities and deserve further studies. Identification, antimicrobial resistance and genotypic characterization of Enterococcus spp.

In the past two decades the members of the genus Enterococcus have emerged as important nosocomial pathogens worldwide. In the present study, we evaluated the antimicrobial resistance and genotypic characteristics of Enterococcus spp.

The species were identified by conventional biochemical tests and by an automated system. The genetic diversity of E.