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The district includes the following aairparts properties: He was an early investor in the petroleum fields near Coalinga, operated a large vineyard on his Selma ranch, was a director of the First National Bank of Fresno, and was in business with fellow Progressive Dr. I just bought a ton of Continental parts from them. Click the “Register” link found in the upper right hand corner of this screen.

Fresno Air Parts?

There was another company out there in California that used to advertise all the time frrsno TAP, but can’t remember their name. I have many files on the Continental A65 engine.

Originally Posted by behindpropellers. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Maybe it was possibly them? A-1 Husky American Champion: I never had any damaged parts, but the Cam and Crankshaft usually get reworked or replaced.

Designs reflected the essential characteristic of all machines: I looked up all the AD’s on 85 Continentals and came up with nothing about soft gears or Fresno. Results 1 to 8 of 8.

Results 1 to 13 of Even prior to the Chandler property was used informally as an air field. View Map of District. Org Home Archive Top.


Fresno Air Parts Co, Chandler Field Frs

Art Deco persisted into the early s although it gradually was replaced by Streamline Moderne. The southern boundary of the district is the entrance into the property at Kearney Boulevard; the eastern boundary is the beginning of the surface parking lot; the northern boundary runs along the fence at the edge of the runway; the western boundary follows the gated entrance to the hangars.

As far as I can see you’ve replaced more than half of the details. Put these guys in the same category with Wag Aero. Here is all I could find online. I used the number from a current issue of Trade A Plane. Cruise with the Sensenich 46 pitch prop is 80 mph at and takes me up to 85 – 90 depending on the load.

Chandler was born 8 April in Illinois and settled with his family a farm north of Selma, California, in The style itself was given a kickstart by the Great Depression, as manufacturers turned to a new breed of industrial designers to help stimulate sales.

I tried to get my money back from Fresno but they lied to me over the phone and stiffed me. All the stuff I’ve been getting from Fresno Airparts has come in the original Continental or Superior boxes. The historic integrity of these buildings is currently unknown but further research is appropriate as time and resources allow. I used Divco for case work, Aircraft Specialty Services vresno major parts, Fresno for bits and pieces and of course Aircraft Spruce for screws, nuts, bolts etc.


A65 parts from them. The Chamber of Commerce attempted to pass two separate bond measures for the purchase of airport property, but both measures failed. The time now is The time now is fressno The district boundaries thus include the four WPA-era buildings that are indicated in the original project site plan and that are accessible to the public.

At least two hangars are shown in the WPA site plan of as revised in and are potentially eligible to be included within the district in the future. Windows often wrapped around the building’s corners. But you can start another log book for the engine. Vincenz was born in Enfield, Illinois, in and moved to Fresno in If you need to replace cylinders, the Millennium kit is expensive, but it is worth it.

Chandler Field was first dedicated for public use as an air field in Novemberon a one hundred-acre site donated by Senator and Mrs.