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The future, Bifo argues, has failed us. Our responsibility now is to decide what comes next. Franco “Bifo” Berardi is an Italian critic and media activist. One of the . After the Future explores our century-long obsession with the concept of “the future. Franco Berardi, better known in the United States as “Bifo,” is an Italian. After the Future. By Franco “Bifo” Berardi. Edited by Gary Genosko and Nicholas Thoburn.

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Modern culture has equated economic expansion with the future, so that for economists, it is impossible to consider the future independently of economic growth.

After the Future – Franco Berardi – Google Books

Apr 19, Matthew Carr rated it really liked it. You have no items in your cart.

Among Berardi’s other concerns are cultural representations and expectations about the future — from proto-Fascist Futurism to post-modern cyberpunk Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Therefore, the old forms of private property and salaried labor are no longer able to semiotize and te the deterritorialized nature of capital and social labor.

Berardi has written over two dozen published books, futuee well as fdanco more extensive number of essays and speeches. Concept design project by Mac Funamizu for future mobile internet search, The whole mechanism of the European financial crisis is oriented towards the most extraordinary displacement of wealth in history: Goodreads reviews for After beratdi Future. Bifo also engages in a bit of speculative psychology about the causes of male depression and suicide, which I don’t find particularly convincing or helpful for anyone.


This process of general aging produces a sense of exhaustion, and what was once considered a blessing—increased life expectancy—may become a misfortune if the myth of energy is not restrained and replaced with a myth of solidarity and compassion. As a counterweight to the myth of progress, Berardi offers a kind of ad hoc, decentralized poetic resistance movement that will have to be built along totally new lines, the old forms of activism having aafter exhausted.

Philosophically, Daoists are realists: But this identification has to be abandoned and the concept of the future rethought.

The first chapter reviews the ambitions of Marinetti’s Futurist manifesto from years ago and this is a fascinating and crisply-written introduction to a complex net of ideas shared across a variety of political philosophies, not just Italian fascism but also aspects of Leninism and modern tech-capitalism. They profess social reality to be in crisis if it is does not conform to the dictates of these notions.

Justin rated it liked it Aug 20, Modernity is about expanding the limits of nature as an exploitable resource, producing an ever-greater accumulation of wealth and knowledge.

Livb rated it it was amazing May 28, Asumsi bahwa perkembangan peradaban bergerak secara progresif membuat optimisme itu lumrah. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Berardi juga membicarakan bagaimana fenomena depresi dan bunuh diri masal tidak bisa dipisahkan dari dinamika perkembangan teknologi informasi, kondisi ekonomi neoliberal yang menciptakan kondisi prekariat.

After the Future

Those who are involved in the financial game are far more numerous than the personal owners of the old bourgeoisie. Late in the twentieth century, however, the progressive, utopian vision of the future gave way to the dystopias that have come to dominate twenty-first century art and literature.

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But energy is fading in the postmodern world berarei many reasons that are easy to detect. Feb 28, Catherine Byers rated it it was ok.

After the Future by Franco Bifo Berardi

At best, this keeps cognitive workers running on a mental deficit ftuure feed the beast; at worst, it provokes suicides or homicidal outbursts. Something very simple happened. I understand its a collection of essays, but it should have really been edited, given that he makes the same points in most of them.

This is why, when you try to seek out the financial class, you cannot talk with someone, negotiate, or fight against an enemy. Bifo repeats this yarn but skips the bits where the conservatives would decry the selfishness of the workers who want a better standard of living for shorter hours.

So how did we suddenly become so poor? The financial semiotization of the economy is a war machine that daily destroys social resources and intellectual skills.

Bfio responsibility now is to decide what comes next. Exhaustion is a cursed word in the frame of modern culture, which is based on the cult of energy and the cult of male aggressiveness. Pada setiap kesempatan Berardi terus memberi sinyal bahwa dirinya tidak punya jawaban konkret.