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USMC Manual Close Combat MCRP B 8 – Nonlethal Techniques · Appendix A – Pugil Stick Training · Appendix B – Safety Precautions During Training. Current, edition: REPLACES the obsolete Close Combat manuals. All-new cover for use by active service personnel and civilian contractors in the field. MCRP B Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP): November Can move to the sd card for android and up. Based on the Corps Close Combat Training Manual MCRP B Table Of Contents Overview.

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MCWP Counterintelligence — File 1 This document provides the doctrine and higher order tactics, techniques, and procedures for intelligence operations. MCWPCounterintelligencecomplements and expands on this information by detailing doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures for the conduct of counterintelligence CI operations in support of the Marine airground task force MAGTF.

NLW Multiservice Procedures for the Tactical Employment of Nonlethal Weapons — File 1 This publication describes multiservice tactics, techniques, and procedures MTTP for consideration and use during the tactical employment of nonlethal weapons NLW in support of warfighting personnel conducting training and tactical operations. References a and b apply to all Marines and describe entry-level indoctrination and skills common to all. It includes troop-leading procedures, selective portions of a plan of attack and defense, tactical control measures, principles of war, principles of security and reconnaissance, and communications.

It encompasses detailed procedures for all drills and ceremonies executed by troop elements ranging in size from the individual to the regiment. It provides the information and references necessary to establish and conduct physical conditioning programs to prepare Marines for the physical demands of combat.

USMC Manuals « U.S. Marines – United States Marine Corps

It guides individual Marines and small-unit leaders in the proper techniques and training requirements of combat water survival.


The publication addresses topics 3-02g as drowning, hypothermia, water rescues, water survival, natural water obstacles, and fording.

FMFM Doctrine for Riverine Operations — File 1 This manual sets forth doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures to be employed by operating forces of the Marine Corps when conducting, or training for, operations in a riverine environment. Also discussed are the classification of riverine environments, concepts of operation, employment of combat, combat support, combat service support units, and information on usable craft and vehicles.

FMFM Counterinsurgency Operations — File 1 This manual presents the doctrine, tactics, and techniques used by Marine Corps landing forces in counterinsurgency operations, including counterguerrilla operations. fieldd

The manual is written gield two parts. Part I provides essential background information concerning the origina and general objectives of counterinsurgency operations as well as the tactics and techniques employed by insurgency forces. Part II sets forth Marine Corps doctrine, tactics, and techniques for counterinsurgency operations, with emphasis on the planning and conduct of internal defense assistance operations by Marine Corps forces.

It highlights the advantages, disadvantages, and other critical factors every commander and staff member must consider during planning and execution of a raid operation. FMFM Scouting and Patrolling for Infantry Units — File 1 This manual provides guidance to the individual Marine and Marine leaders from the fire team to the company level on scouting techniques and effective employment of Marines and Marine infantry units.

Although the information is focused on infantry units rather than reconnaissance units, much of the information is applicable to reconnaissance units as well as combat service support and aviation units operating in the MAGTF rear area.

Information includes amphibious operations, helicopter-borne operations, offensive combat, defensive combat, patrolling, auxiliary operations, and counterinsurgency operations.

File 1 This manual sets forth doctrine, tactics, and techniques to be employed in operations and training involving aviation assault support within the Fleet Marine Force. This manual also expands the doctrine, tactics, and techniques applicable to the employment of the assault transport function of Marine aviation contained in FMFMMarine Aviation.


Series: MCRP

File 1 This manual sets forth the doctrine, tactics, and techniques to be employed in engineer operations and training within the Fleet Marine Forces. It covers the mission, organization, and principles of employment of engineer units in support of Fleet Marine Forces in amphibious operations and subsequent operations ashore.

This manual also covers the organization and principles of employment of helicopter and helicopterborne units.

FMFM Intelligence This manual sets forth information and guidance concerning the planning and execution of intelligence activities within the Marine Corps.

It addresses intelligence staff organizations, functions, and responsibilities, including the direction, collection, processing, and dissemination of intelligence. File 1 This manual is about military campaigning. A campaign is a series of related military actions undertaken over a period of time to achieve a specific objective within a given region.

Still not finding what you’re looking for? Drop a comment on a post or contact us so we can take care of it! The primary target audience of this publication is intelligence personnel responsible for fielc planning and execution of CI operations.

A common view among Marines of the nature of war is a necessary base for the development of a cohesive doctrine. This manual provides the authoritative basis for how Marines fight and how they prepare to fight. Recent Posts Cancer patient becomes U.

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