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FASA’s Star Trek RPG, became a major competitor at the time to Task Force Games’ Star Fleet Battles RPG, which, as the first of its kind, had started its releases. This category is specifically for the Star Trek: The Role Playing Game which was published by the FASA Corporation from to Star Trek – The Roleplaying Game Box , , KB. file, The Klingons Boxed , , KB. file.

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Star Trek FASA | eBay

Similarly, if your phaser has a maximum power of 6, you have two choices: The MCPs I provide assume that house rule. Dates before use negative numbers before the slash. The adventure is set in the Original TV Series movie timeline e.

With this book, you can integrate the characters, new civilizations, and equipment used in the first year of prg show into your Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game is a skill-based system in which character skills are determined by time spent in previous service. The Klingons seen in Star Trek: Included are character generation rules, equipment guidelines, the Empire’s political and economic structure, Klingon philosophy, and much, much more.

This page book contains all the information necessary for designing and running games. Klingons in Star Trek: This 40 page adventure contains a complete adventure scenario for Star Trek: Neither language, as expressed in the game, is the same as later depictions in the Star Trek series.


This leads to a belief that the proper role of species not part of a komerex is to serve those that are, and the Klingons have subjugated many of these servitor species kuve in their conquests. Most notable among these was FASA’s conjecture of the Ambassador-class starshipwhich somewhat resembles a modified Enterprise-class cruiser with Excelsior nacelles; in canon the Ambassador is a precursor to the Galaxy-class starships. Over the next year State secrets afsa be bought and sold, Wars waged, Revolutions launched, Planetary governments will topple, Millions will die, And billions trdk credits profit will be made.

FASA | Memory Alpha | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The explanations below give you an overview of what the final product will feature, though it will be released soon with only a portion of these stxr. Also included with this set is the complete specifications, and information from official Star Fleet records.

The Klingon Empire Star Trek: At our peak I had made a 4ftX8ft game table. Through the heavy smoke faea moved, closer now, almost within range. While stuck aboard an R-1 Type defense outpost, the player characters are drawn into the investigation of the USS Stricter’s attack on the Klingon Empire.

Star Trek: The Role Playing Game (FASA)

You’re one of the survivors. By all rights, he ought to have been satisfied, confident, and even smug.

The only problem is that this planet was settled by the Orgnians right after the Organian Incident by colonists from the UFP and afsa colonists from the Klingon Empire.

Just make sure if she ever does sit down and play, you show her how happy it makes you! The options are unlimited, so choose your role.


McCoyScottyetc. For weeks, the vessel had been picking up tre normal subspace radio traffic along the patrol route near the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Star Trek FASA

You might have to adjust on the fly if your table runs those encounters. The philosophy also motivates their actions on rpf personal scale, with individuals engaging in schemes and intrigues to enhance their personal power and that of their extended family, and generates traditions like starship officers being promoted as a result of assassinating their superiors.

There are also several appendices with useful information, including a quick system for determining the income from merchant fleets, Atar Fleet and merchant crew pay scales, and complete character data fasw two famous interstellar rogues, Cyrano Jones and Harcourt Fenton “Harry” Mudd. I also hope to play it again, perhaps even starting a home campaign. The second book, the Game R;g Manual, provides the gamemaster with front organizations and current missions, guidelines for judging new skill and equipment use, and information on other intelligence organization, such as the Klingon Diplomatic Corps and the Andorian Corps of Enforcers.

Because of the simplicity of the game’s structure, all of the supplements, regardless of their “era”, could be easily re-set to suit a different era. Sell us your stuff? The Wrath of Khan.