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The EMS R T is a large chamber, rotary-pumped coating system ideally suited for sputtering a single large diameter specimen up to 8″/ mm (e.g. a wafer). The EMST S Plus is a high resolution sputter coater for oxidizing and non- oxidizing The EMS T Plus product line is a compact turbomolecular- pumped. EMS T Turbo-Pumped Sputter Coater/Carbon Coater. The EMST is a compact turbomolecular- pumped coating system suitable for SEM,. TEM and many.

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The stage includes two masks for improving uniformity of coating. Conductance film monitor CFM attachment including housing, feedthrough, spputter slides and cable. Between 5 x 10 -3 and 1 x 10 -1 mbar. Careful evaporation allows precise control of carbon thickness with or without the optional film thickness monitor. Overview Platforms Workstations Isolation Platforms.

For sputtering target details see: For added convenience, summaries of the last coatings carried out can be viewed. Manual carbon rod shaper for 3. Sputter current mA to sputter predetermined thickness with optional FTM or by the built-in timer. Removable glass chamber and easily accessible base and top plate allows for an easy cleaning process. The EMS T T Plus sputteg fitted with three individual sputtering heads to ensure even deposition of individual large specimens or multiple specimens.

Cannot be used rurbo the coater is operated in ‘single target’ mode. Home Online Catalog of Microscopy Products. Discontinued circa and replaced by SC This allows the user to configure the system as a sputter coater, evaporator or glow discharge system — all in one space saving format.

M olybdenum boats – pack of Extended height vacuum chamber mm high — the standard chamber is mm high. All are easy-change, drop-in style no screws and the rotation speed is variable between pre-set limits.


A large multi-color status indicator light provides a visual indication esm the state of the equipment, allowing users to easily identify the status of a progress at a distance.

Targets are available from Quorum.

Supplied with a pack of ten tungsten filaments and a molybdenum boat. At the operational heart of the EMS T ES is a color touch screen which allows users to rapidly enter and store their own process data.

Country Please select a country Sputtre Ordering Information for more details. The deposition heads can be swapped in seconds and the intelligent system logic automatically recognises which head is in place and displays the appropriate operating settings. Electron Microscopy Sciences specializes in the manufacturing, preparation and distribution of the highest quality laboratory chemicals and microscopy supplies and equipment for electron microscopy, light microscopy, and histology.

The KX Semi-automatic Carbon Coater was a semi-automatic version of the KX with manual control of the dms operation, and also fitted with a static specimen stage.

Carbon Coaters, Sputter Coaters and Turbo Coaters

For details of other stages, see Ordering Information. Sputter coating is a technique widely used in slutter applications; it is possible to create a plasma and sputter metals turgo high voltage, poor vacuum and no automation.

The EMS T ES has a full range of optional accessories, including specimen stages and film thickness measurement which means the system can be tailored to the precise requirements of the user.

Full graphical interface with touch screen buttons.

Quorum Technologies

Sputter Coaters and Carbon Coaters Sputter coaters and carbon coaters. Replaced by SC circa Overview Platforms Workstations Isolation Platforms. For increased source to specimen distance and for coating large specimens. The EMS R T also includes ‘vacuum shutdown’, a useful feature which enhances vacuum performance by allowing the chamber vacuum to be maintained when tubo system is not in use. A carbon cord evaporation insert is available as an option.


With height adjustment target to stage height variable between mm. Film thickness monitor FTM attachment. Includes two spare quartz crystals.

New user interface has been thoroughly updated: Alternatively, the process can be terminated by time. Others are available on request. QT D Plus – dual target sequential sputtering for specimens up to mm diameter. As sputtered or evaporated material is deposited onto the crystal, so its frequency of oscillation is modified. The vacuum shutdown option enhances vacuum performance by allowing the chamber vacuum to be maintained when the coater is not in use. E Automatic Sputter Coater. Glow discharge insert to modify surface properties e.

The target to stage height is variable between 0 mm and 42 mm for the standard stage. The FTM allows for the automatic termination of the metal sputtering process at a pre-selected thickness value. Automatic detection of the head type when trubo. Thermal evaporation of metals from filaments or boats.

Rotating vacuum spigot allows more convenient connection of the vacuum hose to the rear of the EMS R Plus eks bench depth is limited. All are easy-change, drop-in style no screws and are height adjustable except rotary planetary stage:.