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This series is also known as:* The Mercenary (English)* Le Mercenaire (French)* De Huurling (Dutch)* O Mercenário (Portuguese)les. Vicente Segrelles Sacristán is an illustrator from Barcelona, who is best-known for his painted comic epos ‘El Mercenario’ (‘The Mercenary’). Growing up in an. El Mercenario. Bienvenida · Introducción · La Historia · Personajes · Ambientes: el cráter La primera “muerte” del Mercenario.

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The art has that classic Conan painted cover feel to it. Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.

Segrelles’ almost five decades of experience as an illustrator makes him a living legend. He vuelto a mi infancia por unas horas The artist does a good job of presenting things realistically, for the most part the main character really should have something under his armor, both because of the elevation, and because bare metal on skin must be uncomfortable yes, when the armor le shown in detail it appears to have some sort of built-in padding, but that is segrellez unrealistic, and would provide little protection from pinching from the flexing of the segmented armor.

Mar 19, awesomatik. First, let me say, this really is georgously illustrated, with painted art, rather than the usual ink, that is then colored. But segrellds unabashed sexism feels dated, especially in our current kick-ass-girl period of comics.


In addition to his epic series, Segrelles has made the comical series ‘El Sheriff Pat’ in the early s. And eo even have to justify the setting as belonging on Earth?

Der Söldner

The Mercenary has been contracted to save a woman from the mysterious and powerful Cult of the Sacred Fire. See my full review on sfcrowsnest.

The only blatant magic is in a set of apocryphal stories told by the Mercenary to impress a young segrellees. Also, I could do without the 70’s hair, and the apparent perms most of the women appear to have. Un tal Segrelles, me dijo.

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Trivia About El pueblo del fue The story is pretty basic, but the art is gorgeous. Aleksander rated it liked it Jun 05, In this secluded region, seggelles human race develops a culture different from the rest of the world, all while confronting flying dragons, reptilian giants, monsters, Amazonsand other characters familiar from the world of heroic fantasy.

El Mercenario – Wikipedia

Art by Vicente Segrelles. Or wearing only a scarf behind a Conan-ish guy on a flying dragon. Oh, there’s a story here that I seem to have forgotten.

Here, he illustrated a series of books mercenariio ‘Los Inventos’.


Vicente Segrelles

Retrieved from ” https: Open Preview See a Problem? Cover of El Mercenario 1 This book is not yet featured on Listopia. In ‘El Mercenario’, Segrelles has combined all his favorite themes – the Prehistoric, Middle Ages, technology, and aircrafts. Yes, the men are men here, fat, fit, segrdlles, young, and old, but all the women are buxom and mostly nude. Jca rated e, really liked it Nov 07, If you want to help us continue and improve our ever- expanding database, we would appreciate your donation through Paypal.

Our hero here gets to engage with three such ladies, who have different fates at this author’s hands, but it’s the weird, liminal, ephemeral world where everyone lives that will stick in the mind. El Mercenario Cover of El Mercenario 1 And given that, and having a setting in some remote part of the Himalayas, why are all the characters clearly Euorpean in appearance? Story world is a bit similar to Conan in feel.

The art is beautfoul here, with pages that almost look like a canvas.