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dziewięciu książąt amberu – Roger Żelazny. 2 likes. Book. Zesłany do Cieni poprzez czas i przestrzeń bohater budzi się pewnego dnia w szpitalu na Ziemi. Nie pamięta własnej (ISBN). Dziewięciu Książąt Amberu (Kroniki Amberu, #1) – Blanka Kluczborska, Roger Zelazny. Dziewięciu Książąt Amberu (Kroniki Amberu, #1). by: Roger Zelazny.

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So jealous of all of you about to read it for the first time! Wrong email address or username.

You’ll never be happy. The transitions between worlds is so smooth and the language a perfect blend of contemporary and everything else.

This is not one of those books in which you need to read several chapters before beginning to become engrossed. No more explanation needed. By the end of the book, I loved the narrator, adored the city of Amber, felt like I personally knew the various princes and princesses of the city, and sorely wished I had more. With no irony, this was the original game of thrones. He wakes up in a hospital, with no memory of who he is, what happened, but my isn’t it peculiar how his broken legs are healed so quickly?

Kroniki Amberu. Tom 1 – Roger Zelazny • BookLikes

I don’t remember seeing him in the final conflict at all. Initially the rogef of the royal family were interesting, but they weren’t being expanded on much. Along the way he spends time with his brother Benedict and Benedict’s great granddaughter Dara.


Eric couldn’t even hear me if I cried out. I’d say that the books the story is plot driven, but I don’t want to mislead. The sentences are not pretty. There was at least one time when a few sentences were repeated for no reason. I highly recommend this series. Tolkien wanted to show the battle for one single Middle Earth. He has a unique voice and some of his descriptions were incredibly original. For reference, I stopped at page after reading the first book.

Nothing is ever what it seems. It still feels like a complete tale all the same though and I think an ambery ending does such a malleable story justice.

The Chronicles of Amber

As a Prince of Amber, Corwin has the power to create whole new worlds out of shadow, so he literally makes things up as he goes along. Amber is a realm that casts hundreds of shadows of itself, each one easil This book was fervently recommended by a friend, and, being an obsessive compulsive book shopper, I bought it almost immediately.

It’s like the author felt that to be taken seriously Corwin has to be a condescending ass, completely dismissive of the lives of others. This leads to a pretty epic tale of betrayal and family infighting For over pages of text, there’s really not all that much that happens – or more precisely, that length is wasted when pivotal events are described in short bursts while the boring, sluggish “action” drags itself across the plot.


In a network of lines that enlace rated it 4 years ago http: The action is non-stop. Trivia About The Chronicles of The idea has a long history in sci-fi as well. The First Chronicles of Amber were like nothing in the ‘s fantasy market, and they’ve pretty much stayed their way. The world building multi-verse building? Looking at the other reviews of this book, I am surprised at how many people have reviewed each book separately.

Dziewięciu książąt Amberu – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

As soon as the protagonist finds out he’s royalty he immediately becomes dismissive of lesser beings and begins addressing others with the Queen’s English. Amber is the one real world, casting infinite reflections of itself – shadow worlds, which can be zeelazny by those of royal Amberite blood. Later in the series though he starts to understand that some of the perceived differences zelzzny him and his rivals were merely caused by his ambitions being mirrored in others.

However, this is not fantasy in the traditional sense; at times this reads as a crime thriller or murder mystery, where one has to solve the zelazn together to work out the culprit.