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Read the libretto of the English opera The Death of Klinghoffer by John Coolidge Adams on With links to other information and other operas. Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. The Death of Klinghoffer. Discussion Guide Libretto Excerpts. VIGNETTE I (Act I, Scene II). MAMOUD. It’s good. That these songs are sad. I used to play.

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The work’s creators and others have disputed these criticisms. The artists originally considered the opera as more of a “dramatic meditation” or “reflection”, in the manner of an oratorio, rather than a conventional narrative opera driven by plot.

No one was turned away. During this scene is a passenger narrative by the Austrian Woman, who locked herself in deatu cabin and remained hidden throughout the hijacking.

Some critics and audience members condemned the production as antisemitic and appearing to be sympathetic to the hijackers. Retrieved February 2, Afterward the Klinghoffer family released the following statement about the opera: The “Desert Chorus” follows.

Retrieved July 22, Four years later, students at the Juilliard Opera Center performed a semi-staged concert version with Adams conducting. He denounced Adams and the opera for “romanticizing terrorists”. About The Death of Klinghoffer.

The entire opening libretto and scene is of course a work of pure defamatory fiction, designed to malign Israel and the Jewish people. The passenger, the British Dancing Girl, recalls how well the fourth hijacker, Omar, treated her and the other passengers, for example, letting them have cigarettes. The hijackers had boarded during the disembarkation.

The Death of Klinghoffer Libretto

Controversy surrounded the American premiere and other productions in the years which followed. In the final scene, after the crisis has been resolved and the passengers have disembarked, the Captain tells Marilyn Klinghoffer about her husband’s death.


Retrieved June 18, The couple were characterized in a way many Jews believed to be offensive and inappropriately satirical. Others accused the creators of anti-Semitism for their portrayal of fictional Jewish-American neighbours of the Klinghoffers, the Lbretto, in a scene in the original version. In fact, during her aria, he is killed, offstage, by the terrorists, who are now threatening to kill another passenger every fifteen minutes; the Captain tells them to kill him instead of a passenger.

Because of the reaction to the subject matter and philosophy of the opera, planned stagings at Glyndebourne libregto in Los Angeles were cancelled.

Opera by John Adams. Klinghoffer’s Aria from The Death of Klinghoffer. Retrieved April 9, Following the September 11 attacksthe Boston Symphony Orchestra cancelled a scheduled performance in November of extracts from the opera.

‘The Death of Klinghoffer’: The Repulsive Libretto | Truth Revolt

Based on this aspect, the opera has been criticized as undramatic and static, particularly in act 1, whereas act 2 is more “conventional” in terms of operatic narrative. Mamoud dismisses this idea. The dramatic expression of Palestinian historical grievances in a theatrical context generated some criticism of the opera’s alleged sympathy with Palestinian terrorism.

Sanford Sylvan Marilyn Klinghoffer: The Death of Klinghoffer opera in two acts. It is a powerful and important opera. Mamoud says only, “Now we will kill you all. The Captain reflects on the fact that every ship is a kind of prison.

Opera shared the work’s commission but never presented it. Mamoud threatens all of the passengers with death.


Molqi appears and says that Leon Klinghoffer is dead. Retrieved October 21, Another version of the hijacking story is told by a Swiss Grandmother, one of the passengers, and then by the ship’s First Officer, who also tells that a passenger had been shot in the leg, apparently accidentally when a bullet ricocheted off the floor. The Captain and Mamoud have a dialogue, in which the Captain pleads that individuals on the two sides of the Palestinian—Israeli conflict could meet and try to understand each other.

First produced in Brussels and New York inthe opera is based on the hijacking of the passenger liner Achille Lauro by the Palestine Liberation Front inand the hijackers’ murder of year-old Jewish-American passenger Leon Klinghofferwho was wheelchair bound.

An opening scene depicting a suburban family, the Rumors, was permanently cut from the score on grounds that it caused offense. Meanwhile, each scene ends with a number in which the chorus reflects on the events that have occurred. The drama is portrayed primarily in long monologues by individual characters, with commentary by the choruswhich does not take part in the action. She explores how the use of contemporary media in productions, such as the Penny Woolcock film of the opera, affects perception of the two sides of the political conflict.

The Death of Klinghoffer premiere recording. The Captain and First Officer try to keep the passengers calm. When the Israelis passed Eugene Perry Leon Klinghoffer: Klinghoffer and the ‘Two Sides’ of Terrorism”.