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In Read My Desire, Joan Copjec stages a confrontation between the theories of Jacques Lacan and those of Michel Foucault, protagonists of two powerful. Publisher’s description: In Read My Desire, Joan Copjec stages a confrontation between the theories of Jacques Lacan and those of Michel Foucault. I wanted to put in a little plug here for Read My Desire by Joan Copjec, a work of theory that has been re-issued under Verbo Books’s.

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Lacan’s theory of the gaze, by contrast, is instructive here, for there the gaze is defined not by what rwad sees, but again by a certain kind of failure remember in Seminar XI, when the tuna can “sees” Lacan in the boat? Description In Read My Desire, Joan Copjec stages a confrontation between the theories of Jacques Lacan and Michel Foucault, protagonists of two powerful modern discourses – psychoanalysis and historicism.

Read My Desire by Joan Copjec | ENCLAVE

Jacques Lacan in Continental Philosophy categorize this paper. Psychoanalysis is, Joan Copjec’s book desiee feels like a class in Lacan—using many of his key ideas to discuss stuff ranging from Bergsonian time, to utilitarianism, to vampires, to Judith Butler, to detective fiction and noir film, Lacan is championed as the savior of psychoanalysis, insisting that only the Lacanian psychoanalytic approach will acquaint us with our limitations, and the nature of our freedom as modern subjects.

The Cambridge Companion to Lacan. Critics of Trump would be wise to consider this chapter closely, and Copjec’s call for a cultural studies literate in desire more broadly. The strongest chapters beyond the introduction are the 3rd and 6th.

Matthew Sharpe – – Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The Imaginary, Language, ocpjec Real and Philosophy. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Julian rated it really liked it Apr 25, Back cover copy In Read My Desire, Joan Copjec stages a confrontation between the theories of Jacques Lacan and Michel Foucault, protagonists of two powerful modern discourses–psychoanalysis and historicism.


To understand the functioning of historicism and the science of psychoanalysis is equally crucial. The Politics of Friendship Jacques Derrida. The actual connection between vampirism and breastfeeding, however, was difficult to follow, and I’m not sure I understand it very well. Instead, Copjec spends h This book is incredible.

Read My Desire by Joan Copjec

Copjec is no Zizek but she takes Lacan more literally than Zizek does, which is good for understanding the finer points of the clinical side of Lacanian theory. As a sociologist, I now feel that I need some more Lacan, and if this is not a compliment to Copjec’s masterful tour de force, I don’t know what is. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Sign in to use this feature. It is a desire that cannot copiec rationalized: Ordinarily, these discourses cross paths only long enough for historiacists to charge psychoanalysis with an indifference to history, but here psychoanalysis, via Lacan, goes on the offensive. Raed book does require some background knowledge of both Lacan and Foucault, but compared to desite other similar titles it is clearly written and accessible.

Not because every argument is bulletproof, but because edsire is audacious, comprehensive, and necessary. In Lacanian psychoanalysis, by contrast, the subject is something that fails to come into discourse, that is detectable only by the hole that it leaves in language. No trivia or quizzes yet. Request removal from index. Similar terrain as Zizek but perhaps easier to read. Here, the crucial tension is not within petty bickering between viewpoints so much as in any symbolic order, both the subject and the symbolic peerage remain incomplete.

Book ratings by Goodreads. Dr Zorlak rated it it was ok Sep 17, Verso Books 03 September Hardcoverpages. There is a key difference with Lacan, which is that our existence is always in relationship to an utterly unknowable Other, which provides an escape from the steel grip of the Foucaldian world.


And maybe because while I read, I nod and blink, I totally dig it This leads to a meditation on the figure of the detective, a figure who, unlike the policeman, has learned to disregard the outward signifiers of a speaker like Reagan and instead has become an expert at reading the irrational desire that makes people follow his copjjec.

I don’t see it – as much as I dislike Butler, I agree with her that masculine and feminine belong firmly to the realm of the symbolic. Instead, Copjec spends her time deep in the complexities of Lacan’s thinking, exposing obvious dssire with historicism and Foucault’s major work.

A must-read for anyone interested in psychoanalysis. Dec 22, Naeem rated it really liked it. So, why insist on such an unfashionable vocabulary?

The essay with photos of men and women veiling is haunting. The Inheritance of Potentiality: Far beyond political correctness, the book is theoretically correct: We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. I have read Read My Desire twice: People want that love above all else, and it is this illusion of love mmy he gives them in return – whether he lies or not is thus irrelevant.

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