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Designated smoking areas? Hazard Identification. 9. JSA filled out before start of the work? Did the whole crew participate in filling out the. JOB SAFETY ANALYSIS (JSA) PROCEDURE NUMBER: HES 0 Prerequisites Purpose Instructions Document Stor. In , Chevron Upstream and Gas implemented a procedure called “ inadequate Job Safety Analysis (JSA)/hazard analysis” as one of the top five most.

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If you can answer “yes” to any of the assessment questions on the facing page, it may affect incidentfree job performance. Are you excessively fatigued or do you have many things distracting you from the task at hand? Protect from the release. Refer to the field guide in all phases of hazard assessment: Web design by Luminosity.

Are you in an environment prone to unanticipated distractions?

Electrical The presence and flow of an electric charge. Human Performance Assessment Questions. Based on the energy source, the hierarchy of controls is: Where possible, it is always best to first eliminate the hazard and then apply lowerlevel controls as needed.

That’s where we got the name for our business!

We know that JSA is one of the most important risk management tools. Revisiting the JSA is critical to maintain the currency of the control mechanisms. Temperature The measurement of differences in the thermal energy of objects or the environment which the human body senses as chevro heat or cold. Your focus on improving human performance is critical to achieving an incident-free operation.

Are you unclear about your roles and responsibilities? Sheriff’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, fourth edition.

Remove the energy source. Comments 0 Trackbacks 0 Permalink. Click here and here.


The Risk Management Tool Box Blog

Serious injuries that resulted in, or could have resulted in, a fatality; Fires or explosions resulting in equipment damage or production loss; Petroleum spills greater than barrels bbl in volume; Chemical other than petroleum spills or releases greater than 16, kg in volume; Cost of Jxa COI checron Catastrophic and major motor vehicle crashes MVCs resulting in serious injury or loss; Significant near misses.

Proceedings of an international conference Oceanology: Peer reviewed sja Published between: Task Demands Are the procedures and instructions for the task unclear? Stop, evaluate and revise the JSA as needed. There is always time to do it right. The scope of the major incident study includes:. The SFRT contains all equipment needed to clean the area around the wellhead, enable intervention and prepare for relief well drilling and safe installation of a capping device.

Safety – Preventing Serious Injury and Fatalities – Chevrons Field Guide – Part 1

Annually, Chevron conducts a Major Incident Study MIS to examine chevorn events over a 12 month period to enhance the corporation’s understanding about why such events occur. Click here ; 4. Click here ; 2. A Procedure for applying the PU safety device, once installed.

Mechanical The energy of the components of a mechanical system, i. Preventive actions you or your supervisor can take to reduce the risks to working safely include:.

Review and follow the procedure for the task. Proceedings of an international conference Subsea Controls and Data Acquisition ‘ Radiation The energy emitted from radioactive elements or sources and naturally occurring radioactive materials NORM. The dhevron for a fatality under such circumstance is high. The critical requirement for drilling operations to apply good procedures is illustrated in this APPEA safety alert which shows how a Chevron drill rig off Australia allowed incorrect elevator inserts to be used.

Don’t make snap decisions. At the Risk Tool Jsswe’d like to think that we’ve been at the forefront of promoting the proper use of JSA in the oil-field for the last years. Hazard Analysis, a Requirement for All High-Risk Tasks We eliminate or mitigate risks by identifying hazards, taking actions to reduce them and sharing what we chevrin.


The Risk Management Tool Box Blog

Individual Factors Are you feeling stressed, distracted or worried due to work or personal issues? There is always a temptation amongst many workers to “get her done”, and this leads to rushing-in without the necessary re-assessment when a job changes. A Procedure for installing the Pumping Unit safety device. Mr Byers said the Montara and Macondo offshore oil spill disasters, and subsequent inquiry recommendations, had highlighted the need for the international offshore petroleum exploration and production industry to create a capability for fast and effective response to uncontrolled hydrocarbons releases.

To read the rest of the safety alert, see below. The scope of the major incident study includes: Hazard Identification Tool Definitions. The rest of the safety alert is shown below. Are you uncomfortable communicating with your peers and supervisors?

Identify the Hazards and Take Action The first safeguard is you. An innovative approach for ecological impact assessment of rare species. Hazard analyses must be conducted by qualified people for the type of work and its potential hazards.

Sound Sound is produced when a force causes an object or substance to vibrate and the energy is transferred through the substance in waves.

Proceedings of an International Conference Submersible Technology: