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Monte Cook Games is pleased to announce the release of Numenera Character Options, a page sourcebook chock full of great stuff for your Numenera. Numenera Character Options [Monte Cook Games] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Numenera is a science fantasy roleplaying game set. When the original Character Options sourcebook for Numenera came out, I was not sure what to expect so I was very pleasantly surprised.

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You support your friends with healing and supporting them, emotionally and mechanically. Makes Something Out of Nothing: Twelfth Ode The secret police of Navarene, now in the wind and operating independent of anything looking like oversight. The location descriptors are the opposite: You get skill boosts and knowledge from the datasphere instinctively. Negative traits make for great roleplaying and even qualities such as these have positive aspects.

Character Options opens with an unusual question: General, Location-Based and Racial Descriptors. If the character creation is dull and uninteresting — why would you want to play the game associated with it.

You exaggerate like crazy… Just kidding, you fix up and empower numenera devices. The Conflux These deep sea explorers called brine magi they share information and sanctuaries for those who explore under the waves.

Numenera Character Options 2 – Mephit James’ Blog

The Fantastic Four, I guess? The racial descriptors are a mix. Moonwreckers Essentially, these are interstellar dungeon delvers who head out into the night and find treasures far from Earth.


You become a massive juggernaut. Overall, Character Options lives up to its name, giving players a lot of new options for their PC. Membership means you are respected by underwater creatures, a boon for when your party goes underwater.

Numenera Character Options – Monte Cook Games

Email required Address never made public. These are for characters who have especially strong ties to a certain place and embody the stereotypes of the nation they are a part of. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment optoins This stuff is really awesome and it makes social characters in other games seem like chatty busybodies.

Add in a little competition with the Jagged Dream and this is a pretty solid group. This is, I think, the longest published focus name.

Numenera Character Options 2

I thought this made you an alchemist but it makes you a crazy alchemy-infused drug addict. The stat Pools, Edges, practiced list, chatacter adjusted starting equipment are all largely the same. Friendship is magic… By which I mean you can establish a constant telepathic link and sharing mechanical resources. Racial options gives you four new racial options in addition to the two non-human races found in the core rulebook.

Monte Cook Games Cost: The Golithar are one eyed green plant people. Speaking of Hulking out… Lives on the Road: The special abilities, however, are a completely new list.

Steps Into the Outside: If you are at all familiar with Numenerathen you will see all the new Foci, Descriptors and racial options and be excited to make some new charactfr grumble and wish some of these had been around when you first started playing the game.


You are a deep thinker and, like the Shower Thoughts subreddit, you can ask some staggeringly bizarre questions.

You pretty much become Gambit from the X-Men. He has since retired from writing, but clearly shows up now and again.

Tabletop Review: Numenera: Character Options

The latter of these runner ups was because of the sheer amount of options open to you, something my young brain was overwhelmed and blown ophions by back in the day. You have a bit of blackmail over an important individual or group.

These are scattered enough that I really like having them in one location. Of course, anyone doing that is pretty much just powergaming in the first place so the advice here will probably be ignored.

You have a specific important NPC who numebera bend over backwards for you. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This is the grey hats of the Ninth World, ex-Convergence which makes them ex-ex-Aeon Priests charactwr now fight against the Convergence and the Gaians.

The third eye is actually a mechanical brain, making the Mlox a very unique type of cyborg.