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CCNP SWITCH 6 – BitRadius. Instructor Lab Manual Book everyone. Download file Free Book PDF Ccnp Switch Instructor Lab Manual at. CCNP: Implementing Secure Converged Wide-area Networks v – Lab Copyright © Ensure that the switch is set up so that both the router and host are in the same. VLAN. .. Figure Internet Explorer Security Alert Prompt. ccnp switch instructor lab pdf. CCNP SWITCH Instructor Lab Manual. This document is exclusive property of Cisco Systems, Inc.

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Issue the show standby brief command on DLS2. What is the priority of the current root bridge? Try to ping to another staff host. Issue the show spanning-tree root command on DLS2. Refer to Lab for assistance.

Verify your configuration to make sure that root guard was not accidentally configured on a port that should hear root advertisements, such as a port on ALS2 that is connected to the root bridge. There are redundant uplinks between the access layer and distribution layer.

The priority number of a VLAN can be between 0 and in increments of Verify VTP information throughout the insrtuctor using the show vlan and show vtp status commands. Display the switch default VLAN information. The show interfaces trunk and show spanning-tree commands also show the port channel as one logical link.

Ccnp Tshoot Lab Manual Configuration Files – downloadsoftspecialists

If a foreign or rogue switch is maliciously or accidentally added to the network, the STP topology could be changed if the new switch has a lower BID than the current root bridge. The output from switch ALS1 is shown as an example. The trunks are being statically set to Verify the auto QoS configuration at the access layer using the show mls qos interface interface-type interface-number and show run commands.


Issue the show interfaces trunk command on each switch.

Data cannot be sent or received over the port while it is in this state, but the switch can listen to BPDUs received on the port to detect a new root advertising itself. In privileged EXEC mode, type delete instrhctor. DTP is sent over dynamic auto, dynamic desirable and static trunk ports only Step 3: When the switch restarts, do not enter the initial configuration dialog, but terminate autoinstall.

Configure the root bridges with a single line on mannual switch. A large number of intensive SLAs could create a significant burden on the CPU, possibly interfering with other switch functions and having detrimental impact on the overall device performance. Background When working with a switch that has been previously configured, any new commands entered are merged with the existing configuration, causing unpredictable results.

The configuration revision is 0, and the default VTP version is 1. Enter the management interface information. Wireless equipment varies from country to country. Set up the VLANs according to the diagram.

CCNP SWITCH Lab Manual, 2nd Edition

Complete the following table with the appropriate verification methods and mitigation approaches for the attack types specified in the left column. The second replacement command tries radius authentication first, and then uses the local database as a backup.


Configure these trunks according to the diagram. Configure trunk links and EtherChannel on switches.

Cisco Networking Academy, CCNP SWITCH Lab Manual, 2nd Edition | Pearson

Each instance can hold a group of VLANs and manages its own spanning tree calculation. D – down P – in port-channel I – stand-alone s – suspended H – Hot-standby LACP only R – Layer3 S – Layer2 U – in use f – failed to allocate aggregator u – unsuitable for bundling w – waiting to be aggregated d – default port Number of channel-groups in use: The switches are connected via an Which mode are the trunks in? The mode desirable option indicates that you want the switch to actively negotiate to form a PAgP link.

Configuring MST is different from other switch configurations, because changes are not applied until you are finished similar to the deprecated VLAN database modeand you can abort changes if you wish.

Ccnp Tshoot Lab Manual lab Companion. This document is exclusive property of Cisco Systems, Inc. Which EtherChannel negotiation protocol is in use here? The staff ports also allow for a maximum of two MAC addresses to be dynamically learned per port.