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CASTI Guidebook ASME B Process Piping CASTI Publishing Inc. – Street Edmonton, Alberta T5H 3J7 Canada Tel:() Fax:(). CASTI Guidebook to Asme B has 1 rating and 0 reviews: CD-ROM. CASTI Guide to Asme B – Process Piping (The Practical Guide Book Series) By Glynn E. Woods, Roy B. Baguley.

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That chapter, with specific imposed requirements from the base Code the first six chapters of B Once the design pressure and temperature have been established for a system, the question could be asked: The Code does not and can not provide rules to address the specific requirements of every situation.

Most examination requirements are applicable to welds, but examinations may also be necessary for other items including castings and bends. How should the examinations be conducted? These stress limits are based on the use-fraction sum rule, which states: Enter the ASME BPV code design fatigue curves for the pipe material to determine if the stress-cycle intersection point will be below the fatigue curve. Because of the wide field involved, Section Committee B31 comprised some forty different engineering societies, industries, government bureaus, institutions, and trade associations.

CASTI Guidebook to Asme B Process Piping by Glynn E. Woods

When Must the Items Be Examined? A second edition was released in Rounding will be to the nearest: However, there is a lot more to material identification, particularly since the manner of identification often depends upon the level and type of communication. However, the search would be considerably less guidebopk if the user understood the following basic layout of Table A And, for dimension critical applications, as an alternative to specification of tangent lengths, one could consider specifying center to end dimensions i.

The loss of life ran tl this rate – over 7, people were killed. If it is, the vibrating system should last the design plant life.

CASTI Guidebook to ASME B – Process

Y mm 25 ft X anchor 12 ft Z X anchor Figure 3. March 20,after explosion.

Experience shows, however, that the level of understanding among users varies widely and is often limited to a few grades of carbon steel or to a specific alloy system employed by the user on a regular basis. The Code provides only a means to guide the designer to analyze the design of a piping system, by tto simplified equations to determine the stress levels, wall thickness, or the design adequacy of components, and acceptance criteria for examination.


In fact, such designers who are capable of applying a more rigorous analysis have the latitude to do so provided they can demonstrate the validity of their approach.

CASTI Guidebook to Asme B31.3: Process Piping

Seven miles north of Memphis, the boilers of the Sultana exploded. Boiler designers and constructors had to rely only on their acquired knowledge in producing boilers because there were no design and construction codes to guide them in their efforts to manufacture a safe operating steam boiler. As part of the materials listing, the Code includes allowable stress values as a function of design temperature, and some helpful notes relating to material behavior under various service conditions [Tables A-1 and A-2, and Appendix F].

This event killed more than twice as many people as did the great San Francisco earthquake castj fire of Guidance in determining safe piping stress levels and design life.

High pressure piping rules are not applicable to Category M Fluid Service. How long do you want the plant to last? Items requiring examination depend upon fluid service. What is the basis of these time dependent stress or rating limits? Although there may appear to be similarities between the actual work of inspectors and examiners on the job, it is important to be able guiddbook distinguish the responsibilities associated with each activity.

These experiences have provided the practical engineering background needed to write this book. This book aims to develop an understanding of the basis and intent of the Code rules.

When specifying tangent lengths and tolerances, there are important factors to consider in addition to the dimensional requirements of the piping installation. This will greatly assist the designer in applying the intent of the Code. Fabrication may be performed in the shop or in the field. Executive Editor John E. As an example, for radiographic exposure of circumferential butt welds in a process piping system, an ASNT Level I radiographic qualification should be adequate.

Systems of uniform size that have no more than two anchor points, no intermediate restraints, and fall within the limitation of the equation: Rather than base the design pressure and temperature on these short term operations, the Code provides conditions to permit these variations to occur without becoming the basis of design. The Code does not address high cycle – low stress piping life in vibrating systems.


If a chemical plant is forced off stream for one reason or another, very few people are affected. The answer is yes, they can be exceeded. Principal Axis and Stress The analysis of piping loaded by pressure, weight, and thermal expansion can appear to be rather complicated and difficult to accomplish.

The key components of the design conditions are the design pressure and the design temperature. SE a secondary stress will be discussed in the Displacement Stress Range section of this chapter.

The plant owner is assisted in making the decision whether or not impose high pressure requirements by three simple guidelines. However, changes to direction of flow may also be made through the use of pipe bends. A clarification of what is meant by high and low cycle is in order. What Extent of Examination is Required? Guidegook April 27,at the conclusion of the Civil War, 2, Union prisoners of guiddebook were released from Confederate prison camps at Vicksburg, Mississippi.

The left columns of Tables 7. Grades are described in terms of several standardized alphanumeric designation systems that depend upon the alloy system under consideration, and are described later in this chapter.

Designers may select another factor of safety depending on casfi particular conditions.

The use fraction sum rule is illustrated by the following example: Inanother spectacular explosion occurred in which 27 boilers guudebook of a battery of 36 burst in rapid succession at a coal mine near Shamokin, Pennsylvania, totally destroying the entire facility and killing 6 people. Cycles N 7, and less Over 7, to 14, Over 14, to 22, Over 22, to 45, Over 45, toOvertoOvertoOver tto, to 2, Factor f 1.