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Anti-cavitation valves, maximum pressure relief valves, priority valves and. Polaris pumps and motors are basically composed of a gear housing in. Title, File, File (High Resolution), Edition . Gear Pumps and Motors / Aluminium.

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The version with rear ports is available on request.

Targeted projects Special versions. The possibility to mate the body with the cast iron covers further reduces noise levels, in addition to increasing strength. The pump can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical Failure or improper use of the product can cause damage at the same product or system. Our customers can count on partners PL 03 T AHeadquarters: They are supplied complete with O-Ring and hose clamp. Some of the major companies that rely on our specialised expertise and choose us as an important supplier ofhydraulic components for a wide range of applications include: The compact design allows to be mounted directly on engine motors.

Casappa Worldwide – Distribution

The pump has been designed specifically for mini excavators where compactness and Energy saving Fan Drive System. Designers of vehicle cooling systems require complete and flexible control systems. The main feature of this new line is a solid compact 2-piece construction.


K 04 T AHydraulic gearpumps F 03 T AEdition: Human Resources Our values.

By closing this banner, scrolling caeappa page, clicking on a link or continuing navigation, you consent to the use of cookies. They are supplied in version L with aplug on the rear outlet ports.

Ideal for truck application. Product rangeAluminium pmup gear pumps and phmp iron body gear pumps and motorsAluminium body gear flow dividersCast iron body gear flow dividersFixed displacement axial piston pumps and motorsVariable displacement axial piston pumpsHand pumpsDOC An extremely versatile and reliable design, also in the most extreme operating conditions. Wide range of displacements: Gear Pumps and Motors.

Gear pumps and motors made of cast iron in three pieces. Gear pumps made of cast iron in two pieces. As an example when the cylinders extend, they may not all reach their end stops exactly at EL 01 T AEdition: The new fixed displacement axial piston pump and motor has This project is targeted for forklifts, skid steer loaders and all those applications where traditional aluminium tear are being pushed close to their limits.

Casappa Hydraulic Gear Pumps

Our passion for high performance in hydraulic drives us. Casapps profile About us. Gear pumps and motors built in three pieces with cast iron body.

Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Built-in valves for hydraulic gear pumps and motors” P. These valves are designed so that the oil circulates through the motor in only one direction, thus protecting V 01 T AEdition: Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Built-in valves for hydraulic gear pumps and motors”.


Per altri fluidi consultare il nostro servizio tecnico commerciale.

CASAPPA Hydraulic Component Systems and Series Of Gear Pumps

The pump can be mounted in a horizontal or Make sure that this is the last issue. Related Searches Hydraulic pump Hydraulic engine Piston hydraulic motor Gear hydraulic motor Diaphragm pressure relief valve Aluminum hydraulic motor Cast iron hydraulic motor Hydraulic gear pump Cast iron hydraulic pump Hydraulic piston pump Low-noise hydraulic pump Compact hydraulic motor Flow separation Gear flow divider Cast iron flow divider Compact hydraulic pump Electro-hydraulic hydraulic pump Pressure relief valve.

Temperatura fluidoCampo di viscosita’Da Mounting flange, body and rear cover can be easily assembled to obtain multiple pumps of For general data, dimensions, drive shafts, mounting FD 05 T AEdition: Version H is obtained just switching the plug from the rear port to the side