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Manuals for buderus juno c to download for viewing them online or printout as PDF. Manuals for Buderus Juno 11 download to download for viewing them online or printout as PDF. Buderus Manuals for Support Juno /SF Buderus | GB | Operating instructions | Buderus GB Operating instructions . .. 46 Shut down the heating system using the control unit.

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Have a Good Holiday! Starting from the “Midday program” for heating circuit 2, you want to join the Monday heating phase from De-scale or replace plate heat exchanger disconnect cold mains to boiler and check for blockages check stop cock fully open.

Remember me Forgot password? The newly adjusted time for the “ON” switching point is now saved. The automatic changeover of the MEC2 programming unit does this for junno.

Typengeprüfte Gebläsebrenner, Heizkessel und Wassererwärmer |

To enter the next switching point e. Midday program Monday at Lubricate with a mild detergent. Reinstate electrical supply, test boiler in summer mode.

The Hour on the display will flash.

Download – Buderus

Plate Heat Exchanger Uses the stored heated water to quickly produce domestic hot water. The “Family” program is preset at the factory. For this, the programming unit flap must be closed.

Wrong grade of oil 2.

The temperature is automatically determined on the basis of the heating characteristic. Is there a reason why the Boiler might fail after you leave? Or the reverse bduerus apply: WA terminal DWV green Connection for external 3-way valve For connection of a potential free thermostat or relay panel end switch. Burner fails due to blown fuse.


Beware if you smell gas: This allows the condensate to drain away. We trust that you will enjoy many years of reliable service from your new Camray Boiler and, once again, thank you for choosing Camray.

Therefore, check whether the doors and windows are correctly sealed. Feed programmer wiring harness through the exposed aperture and push the programmer into the panel facia.

It is important that care is exercised in choosing a suitable location for the Boiler and Flues. Ensure that the heated adjoining space itself has an adequate supply of air.

When replacing an existing boiler, it is important to check the condition of the entire hot water distribution system to ensure safe operation. Lista parti di ricambio. Locate farthest HOT junl from appliance and check that the flow rate has not dropped below the pre-set file: These Installation Instructions are intended for professional installers, who have the necessary training and experience for working on heating and gas systems.

Is the boiler flueway inspection cover screwed down sufficiently firmly to form a seal? The party function starts immediately.

If the air shutter is adjusted, re-check the Smoke No. Adjust the angle to suit the pitch of the roof. FM — heating circuit 3, heating circuit 4 Logamatic – Subject to technical modifications. Low level balanced flue, rear or side – end of terminal.


The boiler is operated with the heating system temperature set on the right knob serving as the target value. If you want to cancel the pause function, call up pause function as described above and turn the rotary selector to “0”. Insert two new switching points if, for example, you do not want to heat on Fridays from Boiler fires heats tank and heating, Faulty pressure relief valve pressurize system, P.

The Camray 5 Combi Boiler model is serviced from the front and top. Do not use chimney as a raceway if another boiler or fireplace is vented into or through chimney.

Remove rear top panel of boiler and identify flue outlet rear or LH side. This is subject to the set times for day and night mode.

The wiring of the Control Panel should be as the wiring diagrams included in this Manual. Cut opening in the pitched roof allowing more than 50mm clearance on all sides from timber.

Setting the DHW operating mode. A single switching point comprises three details: First check the number of switching points, and then the times.

DHW is not heated in night mode. The use of this adaptor is essential for safe performance and is a condition of the guarantee that this must be fitted.