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Thought this may be helpful to anyone converting to the later style internal regulator style Bosch alternator. T, if it is of any use please feel free. bosch alternator 0 k1 14v A it has a threaded post B+pade termanal D+ how do i wire this how do i wire this up b+ is the positive and i think. PROBLEM: Many of these alternators are originally equipped with an external voltage regulator. Due to age and harness fatigue many of these harnesses are in.

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Bosch internal regulator alternator wiring diagram. |

Breakdown took me to an auto-electrician I’ve never been able to get an 85 Amp Alternator to self excite, so if the charge light doesn’t glow they won’t work. All the plugs were seated well. This question is used to make sure you are a human visitor and to prevent spam submissions. Filetye 1st, You must be logged in to reply to this topic.

Yes, on the left is the later design with internal regulator.

It came with a wiring harness to fit to cars originally fitted with a Hitachi alt. This is a known issue with AOL. Glad you sorted it out.


Jan 14th, Let us know how you go. Question about T 3 1 Answer Please give me alternator plug wiring diagram on a Toyota hilux 3. Seaboards site was handy with the drawing, I did see some of those you attached while I was researching this. Alternator Installation Wiring Diagram The wiring for alternator s depend on the make.

It should explain how this unit operates and is wired. Still no charging, so I thought the diodes were gone and disassembled the alt completely, disconnecting the coils from the diodes and all 8 diodes tested ok. They need excitation from a 12 Volt source through a Bulb no brighter than 2 Watts.

Mitsubishi you have to be in the know, etc etc. In a car the battery is closer to the alternator, so there is less voltage drop because the cables are shorter.

You must be logged in to access attached files. The tractor has no warning light as it is fitted with an ammeter.

Bosch K1 Alternator wiring – Cummins Marine Forum

I need help wire it up. The smaller Bosch Alternators 35, 40, 55 Amp will self excite when the revs are high enough or more. The later red cover version miss’s out a lot. The Bosch regulator charge connection can only support a 2 watt lightbulb, so a dead short would blow the Bosch regulator.

Lines and paragraphs break automatically. What did I did????


Bosch internal regulator alternator wiring diagram.

There is no login facility using boach VOC membership number or the details from page 3 of the club magazine. The info you need is here http: There was an article in our club magazine last month about batteries and alternators.

Question about 1 Answer Need a wiring diagram for a bosch alternator. The only tricky part is keeping the brushes retracted fully whilst you manipulate the reg into place.

The extra volts must have hurt something. I think it may be greater than 2w, will a 3 – 5 watt globe only wreck the light circuit or the whole shebang?

Bosch K1 Alternator wiring

He gave the battery a charge while tinkering, checking the points etc. I took the AA guys word the alternator was the culprit but now it’s refitted and seems to be OK, wondering if it could be something else?

Jusy bought a new alternator for the HZ My EH Holden Shed]. Filtered words will be replaced with the filtered version of the word.