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BORANG 2. BORANG Di bawah ini saya berikan nama dan butir-butir pekerja perusahaan ini sebagaimana dalam Seksyen 2(5) Akta. PERKESO. H. B. T. You might find out some columns are empty when you preview the Borang 2 from Payroll system. Here’s the guide to complete the form. Joined: Jul Posts: 3. Mon, 24 Jul PM. 有新人进来,还需要 填SOCSO borang 2吗?还是我直接在填在Borang 8A就好了?.

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Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial – Perkeso/SOCSO

Please try a new one! Try using different search terms or browse the categories. Socso is introducing a new portal to handle both monthly Socso contribution and EIS.

You will need to enroll yourselves to get perkeo personal username and password. In the PERKESO assist portal, employer can update the employer information, add or remove employee profile and submit the monthly contribution.


How To Register SOCSO in Malaysia? |

Contribution – To enter the Socso amount manually into the portal 2. Text File peerkeso Upload the Socso 8A text file. It is recommended to save this file for record keeping and payment over the counter or bank.

Select the payment detail then proceed perkexo payment. The FPX payment gateway will show, confirm the payment amount and bank to proceed the payment.

Once the payment transacted, the payment summary will be generated. Click on the receipt to obtain the official receipt.

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