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Buy BLEHER’S DISCUS, Volume 1 on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Bleher’s Discus has 4 ratings and 3 reviews. Andrea said: Una pietra miliare nello studio del pesce d’acquario più affascinante che esista. Oltre ad una. by Joseph S. Nelson. bookbleher. I love books on fishes, human history, natural history, and exploration, and when a book combines all of.

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I read taxonomy part again for better understanding and the other interesting thing i found is that you have covered history and origin of a discys that is amazing. No one knows more about Discus than Heiko Bleher. Max Chumachenko sent me a book from Moscow Thank you so much!

Bleher’s Discus: Vol 1

Or how can you explain its base? E marked it as to-read Jun 20, What are the facts? Bleher’s book is available for purchase online on his website.

Best regards Aleksandar, 30 MarchMakedonia. A must buy for everyone who is interested in discus!!! Is there any book that has been devoted to a single species of fish to treat all aspects, both popular and scientific, and with such photographic coverage?

Trivia About Bleher’s Discus: The section dealing with the history of discus as aquarium fishes is of particular interest, and is excellently illustrated with numerous early drawings, photographs and advertisements.

Would it want to hleher on him for when Discus Bleher will go the new book, volume 2?.


Bleher’s Discus Vol. 1

I love your book to bits and my fish love me for being able to read it and give them what they blehet. I certainly enjoy reading about your travels, as do thousands of others. In the intervening years the number of such discus devoted books has slowed to a trickle and for the most part nothing of any significant importance has discud seen for quite a while. Schultz’s revision of the genus Symphysodonalong with the originally included photographs.

Bleher’s Discus: Vol 1 by Heiko Bleher

Your exceptional book truly deserves to be studied in detail, and that is what I intend to do during the months to come. Everyone is raving about the book and the excellent way it was printed — all high quality work! In the fourth chapter Vl.1 covers all the wild forms known to date some hitherto unpublished and their colour variants, in words and photos — the results of his more than research and collecting expeditions.

One duscus section of this last chapter could have well stood by itself as a separate chapter. While some readers might have a tendency to just scan, or skip most of this material all together, I heartily recommend against this.

He brings to life all the scientists who have worked on the genus — with in part unpublished work and photos — and, after almost vop.1 a century of debate regarding the systematics of the genus, provides a new and easy-to-understand summary of the taxonomy.

Bleher’s Discus, Volume 1

Luis Pianciola marked it as to-read Mar 09, I have met you several times at Interzoo and at the plane to Singapore last year. I hope to keep in touch. Also your last book discusbook is perfect.


Hello Heiko and thanks for sharing that, the report on your visit to Malaysia is very interesting. Sometimes also just to correct names or locations or species, so they really know what they have what I did extensively in my book, as there was, and in part still is so much mis-information out there which does not help anyone.

Ukraine — 10 December Reply. Alles Gute und hoffentlich sehen wir uns einmal. I would like to thank you for the fantastic books I bought last summer. Uygar Sanal, 25 JanuaryAnkara, Turkey. Also in my opinion it is a most important record for the future and I only hope that large tracts of the Amazon can survive for future generations.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The locality data have been extensively checked in the field over the years up to Heiko yes i know what u mean i read volume 1 and learn a lot of wild discus its the best information i have read about discus indeed i mantain hibrid discus because thats the most you get around here I wanna import 20 heckel for my new tank.