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Political theory and the multicultural society. Bhikhu parekh. Cultural diversity in modern societies takes many forms, of which three are most common. First. Bhikhu Parekh’s Rethinking Multiculturalism: Cultural Diversity and Political Theory sets out to design paths for multiculturalism understood both as political. Kelly, Paul () Situating Parekh’s multiculturalism: Bhikhu Parekh and twentieth-century British political theory. In: Uberoi, Varun and.

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Both justice and multiculturalksm need to foster a common sense of belonging then require such measures as group-differentiated rights, culturally differentiated applications of laws and policies, state support for minority institutions, and a judicious programme of affirmative action. It also assumed a culturally neutral and socially transcendental state, able to ensure political impartiality, and did not anticipate that a determined majority might culturally monopolise the state and use it to enforce a narrow vision of India.

Political doctrines are ways of structuring political life and do not offer a comprehensive philosophy of life. Please try again later.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Since the state required cultural and social homogenization as its necessary basis, it has for nearly three centuries sought to mould the wider society in that direction. It followed Islamic ideals and was run by Muslims muticulturalism alone enjoyed full rights of citizenship, the rest enjoying extensive cultural autonomy but few multiculturaliam rights. Neither naturalism nor culturalism, then, gives a coherent account of human life.

This is a formidable theoretical and political task parskh no multicultural society has so far succeeded in tackling it. Postcolonial Interventions Within Science Education: Parekh’s style and tone exemplifies the dialogic attitude whose importance he also theorizes substantively in the book. When we view the world from its vantage point, our attitudes to ourselves and others undergo profound changes.

Political theory and the multicultural society

This book is rich in conclete examples, as argument on uniform, multicultrualism publicaiton of Salam Rusdie’s book and so on. Will Kymlicka and Cultural Recognition. T hird, every culture is internally plural and reflects a continuing conversation between its different traditions and strands of thought. Benjamin Barber, Director, Walt Whitman Center, Rutgers This book is a lucid and luminous examination of the lives and times of liberalism in the context of multiculturalism, migration, and cultural displacement.

Broadly speaking, traditional political theory is dominated by two major approaches to the subject — naturalism and culturalism — one making human nature and the other culture its basis. When you read these chapters mylticulturalism start to understand the difficulty and importance of finding acceptable solutions. Some groups of people might refuse to see themselves as individuals or as individuals only, and might press for communal or collective rights. A diverse company will be richer in innovative ideas and perspectives than a monocultural company.


All claims that a particular parejh or way of thinking or living is perfect, the best, or necessitated by human nature itself appear incoherent and even bizarre, for it goes against our well-considered conviction that all ways of thought and life are inherently limited and cannot embody the full range of the richness, complexity and grandeur of human existence. Anxieties of Citizenship since Brown v. Although all three usages have their advantages and disadvantages, the multiculturalims has on balance most to be said bhijhu favour of it.

Situating Parekh’s multiculturalism: Bhikhu Parekh and twentieth-century British political theory

Thanks to the dynamics of the modern economy, their constituent communities cannot lead isolated lives and are caught up in a complex pattern of interaction with each other and the wider society.

Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women? Cultural Diversity and Civic Education: Second, directly or indirectly and subtly or crudely, liberals continue to absolutize liberalism. Thanks to the wisdom of its founding fathers, and the judicious balance between unity and diversity embodied in the Indian Constitution, India has managed to persist for multiculturalusm decades as a territorially intact and moderately successful polity.

Views Read Edit View history. Their thought left little conceptual space for culture, which was largely seen as epiphenomenal, dealing with the morally indifferent areas of customs multiiculturalism rituals, and making little difference to how social and political life multiculturalsm be organized.

Bhikhu Parekh: Political theory and the multicultural society / Radical Philosophy

Others, many but not all of whom are deontological liberals, thin down liberal principles to what they take to be their minimum content, and make tolerance of non-liberal cultures conditional upon their acceptance of it. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. It does not involve commitment to common goals, for members of a community might deeply disagree about these, nor to a common view of its history which they may read very differently, nor to its form of government about which they might entertain very different views, nor to its dominant cultural ethos which some might strongly disapprove of.

The author argues about the ‘unity’ of Multicultural society and a problem of sense of belonging. What Multiculturalizm Means to Be a Pluralist. Although the country is evidently multicultural, conservative opinion has systematically resisted the description, believing that Britain has over the centuries evolved praekh distinct culture which is integrally tied up with its national identity and should continue to enjoy a privileged status.

When the dominant culture defines the minorities in a demeaning way and systematically reinforces it by all the institutional and other means at its disposal, they consciously or unconsciously internalize the negative self-image, lack self-esteem, and feel alienated from the mainstream society. In this book, the author emphasizes the importance to develop a new theory of Multiculturalism.


Explore the Home Gift Guide. In some societies, minority communities largely wish to be left alone; in others they interact with and seek suitably to reconstitute the wider society. Earlier writers called contemporary Western society open, free, rational, civil or humane rather than liberal. He defends his own thoroughly ecumenical approach both at the level of theory and by responding to the controversies over practices like polygamy or the burning of Rushdie’s Satanic Verses.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. The is the finest book out on multiculturalism to date. The Constitution presupposed a much higher rate of economic growth and a much greater degree of equitable distribution of resources among the diverse communities than has proved to be the case.

In short, both contemporary Western society at large and the consciousness of its individual members are characterized by an interplay of different mutually regulating and historically sedimented impulses that are too complex to be neatly distinguished into liberal and non-liberal. On Toleration Castle Lectures Series. Skip to content Pareky theory and the multicultural society Bhikhu parekh Cultural diversity in modern societies takes many forms, of which three are most common.

In the conservative view, to call Britain multicultural is to imply that its traditional culture is only one among many and should not be given a pride of place, parwkh the minor-ity cultures are equally central to its identity, that they should be respected and even cherished and not encouraged to disappear over time, and that the ethnic minorities consist not of individuals but of organized communities entitled to make collective claims.

Joleen Steyn-Kotze – – Theoria: Thus, he offers careful and clear accounts of why cultural differences should be respected and publicly affirmed, why the separation of church and state cannot be used to justify the separation of religion and politics, and why the initial critique of Salman Rushdie before a Fatwa threatened his life deserved more serious attention than it received. Liberals cannot take a transcultural view of human powers and expect culture to play an obligingly passive and instrumental role in developing them.