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This presentation has unquestionably achieved legendary status. It is an effect so impossible that it has had the best brains in magic scratching. From what I’ve read, Berglas perfomed the trick for other magicians who were stunned. The man performing the trick is Berglas’s best friend. The big hardcover book that reveals the innermost secrets of the card miracles performed by the legendary David Berglas for 60 years, written by magic’s most.

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The cards can be spread widely and a large number of spectators can gather around, participate and see everything clearly. What I do remember is that the same number was dealt down to in all the remaining packs. All the cards are in the deck somewhere. effech

Berglas Effect Revealed

He was one of the first magicians to appear on British television with his own show Meet David Berglas inwhich regularly attracted audiences of over 19 million viewers. Just a cute trick whose attendant hyperbole and panache have raised it to a stellar height in the eyes of presumptious witnesses.

We’re proud to let you read our mail. Oct 19, Messages: Sooner or later Mr Keyes will be banned from the Genii Forum no matter how polite he is. As previously stated if you buy the book to learn the effect you will be disappointed, however if you buy the book to perform some of the cleanest card magic you could imagine bergpas you will get more than you moneys worth.


Suit Cut to Orde. This presentation has unquestionably achieved “legendary” status. I will always have fond memories of Genii Magazine. Yes, one out of 52 times.

Magic Tricks

In the award was given to Berglas himself. The number is chosen, and the herglas calculates the difference between the chosen number and the actual position of the card. But it’s not just going to be any Eight.

The passport had disappeared just moments before. Today I’m going to teach you a fundamental Mentalism technique known as ‘cold reading’. At present, I see that both your and my comments remain in the forum.

And yet that is exactly what he does. This is when the rest of the factors like memorization, presentation and audience control berglws important. Your name or email address: Now for that advantage we mentioned earlier. The device which enables the NC effect is, in my opinion, superior to sleight-of-hand, no matter how skilled berglsa operator may be. Potty the Pirate Reply. The spectator deals the cards face up.

Even the beginner can estimate the position of any card in a set-up within six or seven cards. You say “british television personality” as if it is some sort of seal of credibility.

In this form, Berglas does not lend out the cards so readily as in the full-blown routine. But reading through the Pages I would have to say that the description of “Magicians choice” is one of my favorites in this book. The cards must not be dealt face up from the top of the deck or the chosen card shall be revealed too soon. As well as being effech to perform The Berglas Effect with a borrowed, shuffled pack, David has also used a set-up pack, particularly for more formal occasions.


Well, to draw upon an old cliche, it’s important to think of David’s work in this area as the weaving together of a number of threads. His studies of the art of efffect as distinguished from mystical magic, and in some respects, psychology, ought to be well considered in the investigation of his technique.

The duplicate card may be dropped on top of the pack under cover of this hand, mere seconds prior to showing that is in fact the Ten Of Spades. Like I said before, the trick is cool, but the method is not. This has become a collector’s item and is selling for several times its original price. David asks them to name a card too but before they do he turns back to the first person. Before a card is revealed he will ask the spectator to remind him of their selection, which implies that he hadn’t heard it.

He lied about his age bberglas managed to join the RAF. Beerglas found himself performing his brand of card magic at the very table where Gus Southall. Still—they ought to know better! The pack is now on the table or in the volunteer’s hands and this is bwrglas first efect the intended effect has been announced. I have two questions here.