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A summary of Being and Nothingness in ‘s Jean-Paul Sartre (–). Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Jean-Paul Sartre. Stephen Wang continues our debate on these essential aspects of being human by considering what Jean-Paul Sartre had to say about them. Being and Nothingness is the major work by Jean-Paul Sartre and can be considered as the most complete work of existentialist philosophy. Published in

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Sartre’s contribution, then, is that in addition to always being consciousness of somethingconsciousness is always consciousness of itself. It outlines a new psychology based upon his phenomenological existentialism. This is a very particular example, but it illustrates how our confidence in our identity can suddenly be undermined.

The Nothingnezs The present Is the upsurge Of aand act. View all 12 comments. I cannot ‘see the seeing’. Even with all my negativism expressed above, I can still recommend this book. Davis, writing in Smut: It takes total concentration to ride.

Jean-Paul Sartre Being and Nothingness

But what is he playing? In other words, Sartre views Freud’s unconscious to be a scapegoat for the paradox of simultaneously knowing and not knowing the same information. Dave simply being who Dave is, is only one way of being David In-Itself. View all 4 comments.

Being and Nothingness

So then as to Sartre being the only existentialist. I am an existent Who learns His freedom Through his acts.


This is the reason human identity is ambiguous, insecure, and insufficient to account for our actions. Critical Approaches and Applications.

Being and Nothingness – Wikipedia

Ayer said that, apart from some psychological insights, the book was “a pretentious metaphysical thesis” and “principally an exercise in misusing the verb ‘to be’. In other words, I think they are pure nonsense. The first time was a disaster.

Just keep in mind the extreme difficulty. More to the point, after reading it, I feel I better understand my world to a degree that I feel much more optimistic, appreciative of my life with its good or bad, and better able to see that I am capable to meet its challenges, identify opportunities, and make progress. Says Sartre, “I am never any one of my attitudes, any one of my actions.

Our acts manifest the unified purposes of the psyche. What was important and still is, is phenomenology. Dave is reflecting on being David, and David is reflecting on Dave not being. It is the death of the sweatshop that is the final victory for the anti-globalism movement, and like it or not, Nike is the poster child of globalization. It is one and the same thing. Yes, I realized it was just an example he uses but he really goes to pains to defend it.

But don’t take my word for it! To become David, I sold the Hawg, stopped wearing all black clothes, black boots, and headed off to a new adventure. David is a line of flight away from Dave; fleeing the being David was, and fleeing the being which David is not. In this sense, we are free from the world. Sartre, however, points out that if we talk of “temporality” then duration, as a multiplicity of interpretations, must presuppose “an organizing act” Sartre, Well, really, Being and Nothingness is a literary tract disguised as philosophy.


In the following vocabulary, I will point this out, and end with organizing and managing examples, for what is said about Being and Nothingness for Dave and David, can also be said of organizing and managing, and organization studies. First, as we have already seen, there is no suggestion that our identity is cut off from a world of causes and influences. It is engaged in the world, too busy for self-reflection.

BN was probably completed in Octoberwhich meant that this massive work was written in a remarkably short time. This is an argumentative work which tries to tease out the truth, rather than one that simply proclaims its truth imperiously and ex cathedra.

Do you find this book meaningful? Oct 12, Sophia rated it liked it. Being and Nothingness Cover of the first edition. One can not think about 20th. Oct 30, Gary rated it it was ok Shelves: But a creation ex nihilo can not explain the coming to pass of being.

Being cannot be annihilated, it can be nihilated in acts of re-reflection and reflection.