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Brand Asset Valuator is a metric applied for the measurement of brand value of an entity. Brand Asset Valuator was developed by an agency called “Young and . The BAV Model of advertising agency Young & Rubicam measures Brand Value by applying four broad factors: 1. Differentiation – Differentiation is the ability for. Bav model (brand asset valuator model) to measure brand equity.

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This refers to the consumer perception about the brand. Begin typing your search above and press return to search. Based on those scores i.

Summary of the Brand Asset Valuator Model. Abstract

Is it because they both use spherical balls and the NFL’s is oblong? We help our clients not only understand a brand against its category, but also provides insight into its larger role in culture. The differentiation and relevance of a particular brand are its Brand Strength which plays as a yardstick for successful and dynamic growth of a bdand.

Facebook Manual of Marketing.

BAV Group – Global Strategic Consultancy

Brand equity can be established around different variable associated with brand reputation and customer knowledge. Relevance — Relevance is the actual and perceived importance of the brand to a large consumer market segment.


Marketing lessons from India’s Best. This data aligns closely to actual revenue see screenshot belowhowever social media support is actually a bit off. A powerful driver of curiosity, advocacy and pricing power.

Note that the difference between Leadership and Mass Market is differentiation. If we are able to measure the intensity of these variables we can determine the brand equity of the specific brand. The consumer’s response to a marketer’s brand-building activity is driven by his perception of two factors: Active familiarity based on past trial, saliency, or knowledge of brand promise.

Different types of channel according to distribution level are as follows: High aset spends against a weak idea will not yield results. Knowledge means customer is aware of the brand and understands what the brand or service stands for. Story telling examples to create magical brand story. Belief that the brand has an emotional or rational advantage over other brands valuatlr the category. Basically, brand equity comes down to this: Previous March 19, Brand blogs Social Media: Why your view of beauty may be wrong?

This performance shows the implications of how companies manage their brands. BAV measures a brand under the 2 broad heads of. Identify ideal partners or acquisitions, measure the impact of partnership activations, and sell the power of your brand. When a brand has made through its Relevant Differentiation and customers come to hold it in high Esteem. The model develops and measure brand equity building as an ascending series of steps. In the progression of building a brand, it follows Differentiation and Relevance.


A measure of how highly regarded a brand is and how well it delivers on its promises. True knowledge of the brand comes through brand-building. This type of methodical analysis can focus a fragmented strategy by identifying next steps for improvement.

Brand Simple: The Brand Asset Valuator (Part 2)

However, in the quadrant 3 is divided into 2 diagonally parts, those are the leader and there is decreasing brand leader. Once you see how high or low your brand is rated in differentiation, relevance, esteem, and knowledge, you can use these measurements and relationships to assess your brand strength and brand stature. Notify me of follow-up comments bv email. Types of Marketing Channels. This could be due to all sorts of phenomena, but my theories are that basketball players love tweeting, and people just ‘Like’ King James.

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