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Les bascules RS à NAND utilisent des portes NAND pour créer une bascule. .. des incrémenteurs asynchrones, et l’autre des incrémenteurs synchrones. 9 sept. Bascules – Bascule RS asynchrone Reset Set – Bascule Synchrone R S T – Bascule JK, Toggle, bascule D ❑ Registres – Registre parallèle. 11 nov. Bascule JK à front descendant. et à commande synchrone. par niveau bas. n. 2. Etablir la table de comptage et. les tableaux de karnaugh. 4.

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In practice, the MS signal DTx may have any other shape depending on the data to be transmitted DTx, coding which is applied to DTx data, and how it is generated in particular with or without sub-carrier. To this end, the present invention proposes to use a synchronous oscillator and to resynchronize the oscillator on the external magnetic field synchronf each application to the antenna circuit of a burst of a periodic signal supplied by the oscillator.

The level of the voltage at the output of this cell is low of the order of mV. It may therefore be desirable to provide a means for providing magnetic field bursts that have low phase shift with respect to the external magnetic field, without using an extremely precise circuitry and costly to achieve.

LV Free format text: Bursts of the latter signal are applied to an inductive antenna circuit ACT to generate an active load modulation magnetic field FLD2. An arrangement for measuring at least a value of a voltage applied to an electronic component.


ES Ref legal event code: SM Free format text: This input is connected to the Q output of a monostable Ref legal event code: The corrections are made before data storage.

TD 4 – Logique séquentielle

The active device emits an oscillating magnetic field, for example at The transistor T2 has its source S connected to node N2, its drain D connected to ground via the current source CG1 and its gate G connected to the node N1. In one embodiment, the device comprises means for shifting the phase of the second periodic signal relative to the antenna signal. A test device Seion one of revendica.

In one embodiment, the masking signal has the masking value during the emission of a magnetic field burst FLD2, and is maintained at dynchrone value for a further time period following transmission synchrond the burst to allow time the antenna signal AS to stabilize. OR gate aforementioned. Embodiments of the invention also relate to a smart card, comprising at least one processor and a device for transmitting and receiving data according to the invention. Espaces de noms Page Discussion.

TD 4 – Logique séquentielle Free pdf download – –

TR Free format text: In fact, a high signal on the DR line indicates that data is being converted, and the transfer must be authorized only when the line CD passe au niveau bas. When the DET signal is equal to 1 presence of an external magnetic field FLD1the output of the gate G3 is set to 0 and the device operates in a passive mode as described above.

Method according to one of claims 1 and 2, comprising the steps of: Test method according to one of claims 1. In one embodiment, the method comprises the step of, after application of a burst of the second periodic signal to the antenna circuit, maintaining the oscillator in the free oscillation mode for a signal settling time antenna before replacing the oscillator in the synchronous oscillation mode.


Test method according to one of Claims 1 to 12.

The OSC2 oscillator provides a clock signal CK2 DV1 allowing the device to operate in NFC reader mode to communicate with an integrated circuit passive contactless or a similar device configured in passive syncrone.

Indeed, the signal CKs is then injected into the antenna circuit and is superimposed to the signal induced by the external magnetic field FLD1. Said circuit has an upper to ohms input resistance. Based on analysis of dynchrone slopes. Periodical the beginning of the response to the step. Device according to claim 14, mounted in or on a portable medium CD. BG Free format text: DE DED1 en In one embodiment, the device is configured to, after the application of a burst of the second periodic signal to the antenna circuit, maintaining the oscillator in the free oscillation mode for a stabilization time of the antenna signal before replacing the oscillator in the synchronous oscillation mode.