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Badminton Spielregeln / (deutsche Übersetzung des englischen Textes der internationalen Badminton-Spielregeln der BWF) ; mit Erläuterungen des. Astronomische Waarneemtechnieken (), Astronomische Waarneemtechnieken (), Astronomische Waarneemtechnieken (). Badminton – Gruppe zum Informationsaustausch, Veröffentlichung von Badminton-Turnieren, Spieler- und Vereins-Suche und vieles mehr.

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XING- Badmintonturnier am April in Berlin Training April in Berlin Mai in Heilbronn Jan in Berlin City-West Juni in Rostock Nov in Hamburg Sep in Oldenburg- Bremen You can find all necessary information here: If you are going to planewe advise you to buy your tickets slielregeln Sofia Airport.

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Please be so kind to inform us for the following information: All arrivals on 6 th Aprilwill be transported from the airport to the official hotel of the event.

All departures on 9 and 10 April will be transported to the airport. The tournament will be played in the following two levels and ages groups: Level A International and national level: You can participate in three categories, but not in the same category in different age groups.

You can subscribe with X-partners. The tournament will be played in full accordance with the laws of Badminton and Competition Regulations adopted by the BWF including the prohibition of doping for which tests may be carried out The Committee reserves the right to cancel any event which has insufficient entries. The Committee reserves the right to refuse or restrict entries without assigning any reason and to add to or alter these condititions.


Deutscher Rollstuhl-Sportverband e.V.: Para-Eishockey

Its decision s on all matters shall be final Competitors must be prepared to play at the times quoted in the order of play for the events for which they were entered. Competitors can be removed if not ready to play when called. The official tournament schuttlecocks are Forza. Played with items purchased from the organizers: Forza – 13 euro Forza – 20 euro. A player is eligible to compete, if he or she fulfils the age requirements on 1st January Entries must contain the date of birth of each player.


No late entries will be accepted. The entry fees must be paid by bank transfer or immediately after arriving in sport hall.

The entry fees will not be refunded in the event of a withdrawal. Payment must be done before their first scheduled match, failure to domeans that they will not be allowed to play.

This rule will be enforced — no exceptions Entry fees will not be refunded in the case of a withdrawal. For all withdrawal players, the Organisers can invoice the entry fee to the relevant Member Association. No refunds baminton be considered if withdrawal is notified later than 10 days before the commencement of the Championships.


After entering player s in the tournament it badmibton the Player’s responsibility to ensure they apply for visas in good time for the event. The Tournament Organisers will do everything possible to enable the entered players to obtain a visa.

All visa participants needing a visa should request for a letter of guarantee till 19th February The organizers provide transportation from the official hotels as follows: The Organisers decline responsibility and covering of costs for possible injuries or other damages. It is up to participants to insure themselves. A physiotherapist will be present in the Sports hall during the tournament and a medical doctor will be on call.

Betting by players or officials on events in which they are involved is not permitted. For information and assistance Iva Arapkyulieva email: Only visible to XING members. Kay Manazon Premium Moderator. Volker Knapp Premium Moderator.

Ingo Bendyk Premium Moderator. Martin Macheiner Premium Moderator.

Christian Hagen Premium Moderator.