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AZ Edit Programming Part 2. SPECIAL FUNCTIONS Listen key is paired to the Talk Key and can be manually turned on or off. Many intercoms have AF on all. View and Download Telex Azedit software manual online. Telex Azedit Software: Software Guide. Azedit Software pdf manual download. WARRANTY INFORMATION. RTS products are warranted by Telex Communications, Inc. to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of.

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This means that you can view the current intercom system configuration, as well as intercom activity, but you cannot make any changes. AZedit is a Windows-based, full-featured configuration software, providing online and offline configuration capabilities.

GPI Out 6 From Options menu, select Communications. Page The Alpha field displays the number of the Alpha currently being displayed. Make sure scroll enable is turned on so they show up on the Key Panel. AT – Auto Table. Most functions can also be accessed via the normal menu drop downs.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. AZedit features may have been disabled by connecting to an intercom system that uses older firmware, with fewer capabilities than what is supported by your AZedit version.

AZedit Software User Manual. Up to and including version PDF

If you are currently editing a file in FILE mode, clicking Open clears all settings and opens a file that you select from disk you are prompted for confirmation first. The following is a list of menus and screens you can access by right clicking from the IFB main screen. The printer driver is software that allows manuql computer to control the. The paste command is only used after the copy command.


Each icon represents a different task you can perform.

Scroll Enable determines where this port can be seen for other users to program it. To assign alphas to multiple special lists, do the following: The contents of this publication, and any associated documentation provided to you, must not be disclosed to any third party without.

If you need one IFB to go to just 2 places – it’s generally better to mxnual a second level stacked talk key, to preserve the AT capability. The following paragraphs contain a more detailed discussion of the ,anual 3 resource settings, and how to manage the memory limitations. Two 2 resources of the same type can never have the same name mxnual example, two 2 intercom ports cannot have the name DIR1. To write the UPL statement, do the following: Page 39 The tone signal feeds directly into the matrix so it can be used as a voice substitute for testing purposes.

AZedit Software User Manual. Up to and including version 4.0.0

This also ensures a backup of changes made to the system. The most common use of ISO’s is for video engineers to work with camera ops without tying up the main camera.

To azdit a new file with the default configuration settings, do the following: Work On-Line connected directly More information. You can also use this to upgrade the firmware in certain types of keypanels. Using the Gain Controls, adjust the gain for the party line accordingly.


For example, you could copy all Alpha names and paste them to all Alias names. What s new in XP New colorful interface. This can be helpful on big intercoms, where it might be useful to build a scroll lists for all the main production KP’s for example. Dip switch settings on the master controller must be set in order to activate this feature. Select View Font Size from the menu bar to set the size of text displayed in windows.


Clicking that button again reverses the sort in the opposite direction. If trunking is being used, it communicates with the trunk master to make trunked resources available to the local system.

Page Since the second UPL statement is now false, it is ignored. This may require minutes per file, if you have several files. Page 67 Listen Source field.

Telex Azedit Software Manual

Enter text from picture: The Party Line Gains screen appears. There may also be cases, such as with the KP azzedit, where the keypanel itself uses all of the keys on more than one setup page. Connect to the intercom system and use Send File to update the intercom system. Using UPL statements you could have the setup file load automatically every day.

Search For Key Assignment – Replace with: If the old port is included, double-click the IFB and change the port setting from the old port to the new port. The entire setup page for the intercom is copied.