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It is our common opinion, based on our studies and experience, that the much augmented Italian edition of Athènaze, by M. Balme, G. Lawall. È il testo base, in cui è contenuta, in sedici capitoli, la storia d’un contadino ateniese, chiamato Diceòpoli, e della sua famiglia. I fatti sono immaginari, ma. Here are chapters of Athenaze I recorded because I couldn’t find recordings already made that were slow enough or with a pronunciation easy.

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Thank you so editlon for this. It makes it painfully clear why upper school students who take our Greek minor typically though not always high-achieving Latin students learn so terribly little of the language despite their best efforts.

In this way we could be sure that students using this textbook will learn words that they will encounter regularly when reading classical Greek.

Special effort was made to include in the early chapters the words that occur most often in Attic Greek. If you do discover a book that does it right, please let us know!

Not meaning to be insulting, but I believe your position on reading ancient Greek is simply naive. I used Athenaze and quickly found it to be woefully inadequate—not worth the paper it is printed on.

LTRG provides its students with the tools necessary to read unaltered classical Greek texts and focuses on reading like no other text I have used either Latin or Greekbut there is no getting around the intense academic work that ancient Greek demands. Both are designed to be started as early as 8th grade, as my daughter did with Latin.

Show me another curriculum that can teach reading ancient Greek while bypassing the tons of required memorization, the grammatical drilling, the vocabulary acquisition, etc.

Athenaze audio (Italian edition) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The source material is simply not meant for the academically faint of heart. Lance, you can read my thoughts on a new post inspired by your comment https: I did my thesis in linguistics on so-called reading method textbooks for Greek. Athenaze, in some senses, is the best of a bad lot.


I focused on be and have. On the other hand, I thought we did ok given how long we met. As the title indicates the readings contain the readings were written using NT vocabulary and follow NT passages although with variation. It is a graded reader: All words that occur at least 50 are included. Each new word is used at least 3 times in the first section in which it appears.

I agree with your criticism of the original edition, but I think you are a bit quick in dismissing the Italian edition. I can understand most of the explanations thanks to Latin and Spanish.

The progression is still tough, but I think the Italian edition is a huge improvement over the English one. Thanks for the resource! OK, I gave it a shot: This appears to be less-accessible than Athenaze for the true novice, but probably great for someone who can understand Greek already, like yourself.

I had read the first two chapters of Alexandros, a Spanish textbook based on Rouse first bit available onlinethen I looked at Rouse, but I kinda drowned after the second chapter after I typed the earlier comment. Might be worth checking out! Still means looking the words up, of course. Would that enable me to read? If all 11 words were glossed on the page, would I be able to read?

Here is an idea from Justin Slocum Bailey: Start over, from the beginning and see how far you can get with each successive reading. Read until you get bogged down. And at the next reading read over again, going further if possible, but until you get bogged down. Over time the initial input of the first pages increases the comprehensibility of the input at the bog-down pages. I read a chapter of Alexandros at night partially to help myself avoid electronics in the evening, and if I dnt feel like I get it enough, I reread it.

So, you want to know about the Italian Athenaze? Last year i signed up in a brazilian school that teaches both Latin and Greek online, one of the founders was a teacher at Vivarium Novum in Italy, so they offer classes using the Italian Athenaze and the Familia Romana for Latin.


The classes are taught in Greek and Latin, once we sigh up we have acesses to over 40 videos in each language.

Can’t Read Greek—Unsurprised, but Angry

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments athenazw email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. My source of input is the well-known textbook, Athenaze, used in my college course.

Let me tell you, oh, how it sucks. So, the chapters in the original American version of Athenaze are comprised of two sections, A and B, each with their own readings and vocabulary.

Athenaze Italian Edition Online – Textkit Greek and Latin Forums

Just take a look at what amounts to 73 lexical items in the first chapter yes, 73! The other high-frequency verbs i. Deition are 13 other low-frequency verbs, only occurring 1x. That confidence feels good, and allows us to be receptive to the understandable input. Furthermore, readings A and B also include 53 additional words, most of which occur just 1x.

After setting aside 10 min. Magister P is mad. This analysis is damning to anyone aware of the past 40 years of Second Language Acquisition SLA research still using textbooks igalian Athenaze.

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