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Może on przekazać ulotkę informacyjną o szczepionce lub zasugerować inne źródła niezawierający aspiryny, przestrzegając instrukcji na opakowaniu. Containing aspirin, these tablets can be used to relieve pain and fever (e.g. headache, flu-like conditions, toothache and other pain) and treat. Aspirin. pl, jego tematy (aspiryna na ból głowy, bayer aspiryna, aspirin na przeziębienie) i głównych konkurentów (, Topic: Aspirin c ulotka pdf.

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Do not take in conjunction with other medicines that contain aspirin, or with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If you are due to undergo surgery, even a minor procedure, consult your doctor, surgeon, anaesthetist or dentist whichever is appropriate before using this medicine.

For more information or ukotka country rates, see shipping info. Contra-indications Do NOT use if: Your online French pharmacy has selected the best for your pet. Dosage Suitable for ages 15 and over.

Please ensure you carefully read all literature provided with your product prior to use. Usually 5 to 10 days. Orange essential oil, orange juice from concentrate, acetaldehyde, isopropyl alcohol, ethyl butyrate, citral, aldehyde C-6 hexanallinalol, terpineol, ethyl acetate, gum arabic, maltodextrin, dextrose.

We offer you homeopathic drugs against hemorrhoids, flue, cold, allergies or stress. Containing aspirin, these tablets can be used to relieve pain and fever e. Wearing compression stockings daily allows you to avoid heavy and painful legs. In case of doubt, ask your Doctor or Pharmacist for advice before taking this medicine. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice. For children under 15, use a tailored dosage.


Use with caution if you are on a strict low-salt diet. To treat pain or fever: Take 1 tablet, repeating if necessary no sooner than 4 hours later, up to a maximum of 2 tablets per day.

Use with caution if you are diabetic or on a low-sugar diet. Usually 24 to 48 hours. Your cardiologist or gynaecologist may nevertheless, in certain cases, prescribe very weak doses of aspirin that are not comparable to those used in the treatment of pain and fever. Since aspirin passes into breast milk, you are advised NOT to use this medicine if breast-feeding.

Buy this product and earn 0 loyalty point s. If your symptoms persist, consult your doctor. If your pain persists for more than 5 days, or your fever for more than 3 days; or if your condition worsens: Suitable for ages 15 and over.


Even a single dose may be harmful to your baby and in particular, their cardiopulmonary and kidney health. We have what your pet needs.


By the pressure delivered on legs, compression stockings prevent blood from stagnating in the veins and allow a better blood flow.

This is a medicine.

Dissolve in a large glass of water and drink immediately. The online French Pharmacy at your service. To be taken into consideration when assessing your daily intake.

Add to Cart Maximum: Compression Stockings helps to relieve symptoms of venous insufficiency. Pharmacists at your service. Check the labels of all other medicines that you are currently taking to ensure that they do not contain aspirin.

If in doubt, consult your doctor or pharmacist. Aspirynaa not increase the dose.

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Adults and children over 50 kg roughly 15 years and over: Usually 48 to 72 hours. This is a contra-indication ; — you are having heavy periods, or are using coil contraception; — you are taking: In such cases, use aspirin strictly as prescribed by your doctor. Knees Backs Neck Shoulders. You have klotka items in your shopping cart. Teething Dummy Necklace Soothing.