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Air Defense Artillery. battalion commander’s guide to staff functional duties in combat preparation. It can also be used to give expressed by commanders, XOs, and S3s, for example, is that the Fire Support. Officer or the S2. The Battalion Commander’s Handbook, is the fifth of a series of similar . Field Artillery and Air Defense Battalions. o Ensure your XO is holding weekly maintenance meetings with key maintenance personnel and company XOs. STANAG , Edition 1, Chapter 13, Artillery Procedures, and QSTAG , Edition 2, Bombing,. Shelling . with the lightweight computer unit (LCU) or manual gunnery dissemination of this information to subordinate XOs, platoon.

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Your artillefy is a good, nonthreatening information conduit from the boss down and the troops up. The battalion staff should have the philosophy that they are there to support the battalion units and their success is dictated by the success of those they support. Consider having military music in the unit area. The training value is well worth the hardship and challenges. Keep your ceremonies scheduled regularly and don’t let xoe stack up in the PAC.

Battery Executive Officers Handbook. :: US Army Artillery School Collection

The battalion commander faces many challenges in today’s uncertain world. Study, listen, and evaluate.


The courses are well-structured and provide an excellent opportunity to focus on your professional competencies and interests. The same holds true for all leaders. The purpose of this chapter is to provide some insight into commanding a training battalion.

Battery Executive Officers Handbook.

While there will be many competing demands for your time, there is no substitute for your experience or example of your commitment. Explain to them the difference between mistakes and mission failure, versus doing something illegal or immoral. These are key to taking care of soldiers.

The box check spread and your senior rater profile are things that your junior leaders should know up front.

Have the write-up submitted within 24 hours of the act and establish a system to ensure compliance. Encourage combat lifesaver course participation for your nonmedical personnel. The commander must challenge them and stretch them for the good of the battalion. Group habdbook into areas and assign area coordinators.

Strongly consider purchasing the Army blue mess dress uniform. Rather than posit a single solution to a particular problem or subject area, multiple recommendations were included whenever possible. It is Army policy.

Remember this is not just a building, it is home to the majority of your single soldiers. Continue to train on weak areas the next quarter. Maintain unit integrity whenever possible. Demonstrate that you have zero tolerance for soldier abuse. Work with them to solve a problem or achieve a standard.


Each commander, including you, should have at least two command inspections during his or her artilleryy tenure. Some in our society question the need for an Army, while others question its proper role.

Get familiar with the system; it really streamlines local purchases. Have the routine suspenses briefed on a chart at the battalion command and staff meetings.

He or she is the person who leads the station to success or failure.


Find out why things aren’t getting done and put emphasis where required. Another handbool would be a 3-day pass for each platoon in which all members pass the PT test, and the platoon average score is above Tips for Working With Drill Sergeants Formulate your philosophy before you deal with the first case. Make the use of manuals mandatory.

It’s smart to share information between units.