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Army Regulation –1. Inventory Management. Centralized. Inventory Management of the Army Supply System. Headquarters. Department of the Army. scope: Purpose. This regulation prescribes Department of the Army (DA) policies, responsibilities, and procedures for integrated inventory management of Army. scope: Purpose. This regulation prescribes Department of the Army (DA) policies and responsibilities for integrated inventory management of Army materiel.

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Major Item Management Topics, page F.

AR –1 – AKO US Army

Notify the depot RPCO of the receipt processing. These items are issued until stock is exhausted. TheStrategic Planning Guidance and the Guidance for Employment of the Force GEF provide the theaters of operation, the planned scenarios, and the timelines for sustainment.

Procurement indicator codes, page 90 Table 10—8: Assets may be made available under the FMS program. Chapter 6 Management of Army Prepositioned Stocks.

Additional requirements as outlined in AR —50, chapter 9 and AR —3. Assignment of the technical data justification code in the request transaction indicates the reason documentation is not provided. Determine maintenance cycles for land-based and afloat APS equipment. Clothing, textiles, heraldry, and subsistence. Repair or overhaul is not economical, but the container has serviceable components or assemblies that may be reclaimed.

The requirements for the AY represent independent and dependent demands projected for the period as well as levels and lead times.


The Regluation is the ratio reghlation future program data over a period up to the next 5 years divided by past program data and is used to increase or decrease demand history-based forecasts as applicable using the same base period in the PCF as in the demand forecast computation.

Also included are appropriate data on equipment requirements, on-hand densities, existing APS, projected FMS, and production capabilities. Perform allocation actions for major end items listed in paragraph 13— The matrix will also be used to categorize secondary items for requirements determination.

For the DLA to provide this critical supply support, the Army must provide an accurate and timely forecast of depot repair parts requirements. Approved Acquisition Objective Stock.

Perform major end item distribution functions at paragraph 13—16 p. An item is substitutable if capable of being exchanged for another item only under specified conditions or for particular applications.

To determine responsiveness, consider timeliness and conformance with mission needs. IMC B — contractor managed items. Maintain warfighting capability and readiness while improving training ammunition distribution. When the reclaimed assembly or component and PMRD number is received from the maintenance shop, input regulatin.

Include the date of support in the acceptance sent to the SICC when the IMM date of support is different from the requested date of support. Instructions for completing DA Form continuationpage Do not change non-definitive reference numbers to identify the descriptive characteristics part of the reference number.

Army Special Operations Command. Provisioning items will be stratified separately.

The buyback rate will measure percentage of Army supply plan forecasts that are actually sold by DLA to Army maintenance depots.


These stocks may not be used for purposes such as improvingpeacetime readiness, as maintenance floats, for filling unit shortages, and so forth. Excluded from this policy are 71-1 U. P—1 classification codes, page 92 Table 12—1: When possible, use the result of item entry control to accept, offer a substitute for, or reroute the SSR to the correct IMM rather than returning it to the submitter for resubmission.

Show simulated assets as of 30 September which ends the BY.

AR 710-1 Centralized Inventory Management of the Army Supply System

Force Structuring, page That additional portion of funded AWR requirements which is notprepositioned. Planned location of end item use. Final advice, part numbered supply request. Ammunition storage limits will be in accordance with explosives safety site plans approved by the DOD Explosives Safety Board.

The stratification elements such as, linesin order of requirements priority, are as follows:. Army Europe and U. Use an inventory analysis matrix to assign a SMC to each secondary item based on the count of individual sales orders received per item per armh and unit price.

States, and the U. Users will follow normal supply procedures to obtain end items and to ensure requests are identified and coordinated.