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El filo de la navaja has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: The Razor’s Edge – William Somerset MaughamThe Razor’s Edge is a novel by W. Questions About El Filo de la navaja. by W. Somerset Maugham. Reader Q&A. To ask other readers questions about El Filo de la navaja, please sign up. El Filo De LA Navaja by W. Somerset Maugham, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Maugyam wrote at a time when experimental modernist literature such as that of William Faulkner, Thomas Mann, James Joyce and Virginia Woolf was gaining increasing popularity and winning critical acclaim. MOM’s persuasive hero Larry Darrell is on a “search for Something” like all sensitif lads, though he doesnt know what the “Something” is. The Razor’s Edge was popular in its own w.somerxet but hasn’t remained as popular in the US. Not an unheard-of double function at all, although a bit unexpected from an author wh I have never begun a novel with more misgiving.

Each one is on their own journey. The Razor’s Edge, by W.

Laurence Darrell known for the better part of the book as Larry is an American war veteran who after the death of a friend during the war is stirred with questions of life, existence and meaning, which “The best to be said for it is that when you’ve come to the conclusion that something is inevitable all you can do is to make the best of it.

He had a fiancee, Isabel, who had hoped that he would take a regular job so they could get married and start a family.

El filo de la navaja by W. Somerset Maugham (4 star ratings)

E ora scendiamo nei particolari,divagando come sempre I do not know if this is pure fiction, or a semi-fictionalized true story. But the plot keeps coming w.spmerset to their unrequited feelings until the dramatic chapters at the end of the novel. The main point of this one, I guess, is the story of a young man who goes off to war and who has his life saved by a friend who subsequently dies due to rescuing him.


Social critique aside, I especially enjoyed how Maugham candidly laid fill his predictions of the conflict between his goal as an author and the expectations of his readers. The most stimulating character is Larry Darrell, whose anvaja towards enlightenment is almost Hessian in its mauhham and single-mindedness. Brett I certainly liked it better than the Great Gatsby, but I’m not sure what you mean by ‘more important’.

Agli oggetti delle umane passioni, pensieri opere o esseri che siano, Maugham non nega comprensione e non fa sconti. The story begins through the eyes of Larry’s friends and acquaintances as they witness his personality change after the War. And look, this book nearly did.

But some portions were unnecessarily drawn out. Searching for the reality and spirituality is something and attempting for your life and responsibilities is something else and I don’t think one must be scarified for another.

Saintliness, is how Larry describes the man in a loincloth, ws.omerset can Darrell ever find the happiness he desperately seeks?

El Filo de la Navaja [The Razor’s Edge]

By comparison, The W.somerrset Edge is a much more personal story of someone obtaining “enlightenment” and how that changes their lives and the lives of their friends. It is a subtler pleasure, a trip more akin to touring the blue roads of the American countryside than that superhighway journey. I’m curious what others think. Do you mean in terms of other writers the book …more I certainly liked w.sometset better than the Great Gatsby, but I’m not sure what you mean by ‘more important’.

Takes a job as a coal miner, for the experience, stays w.sonerset a monastery for months, seeing if inner peace can be achieved there, of course it probably never does.

Boring for most, enlightening for some, and absolutely beautiful to very few, this book describes the journey of a man maughzm with the materialistic predilections of society.

In fact, this may be one of the rare exceptions where a film actually does a better job of capturing the story. I was a little conflicted about the wise Indian sages in the book and the didactic nature of the last few chapters, but it was still a pleasant and inspiring read.


El Filo De LA Navaja

Unpretentious, strightforward and nice. Somerset Maugham 1 25 Jan 19, The war’s brutality, however, apparently had changed Larry he told of seeing a friend die while saving him.

However, as the genteel lady shows, very few are willing to understand that these widely varying compulsions and lifestyles are all normal displays of the human psyche.

The thought that someone could spend so much time and effort searching only to find so little at the end of that journey is infinitely depressing to me. After some rather traumatic experiences as a maughaam pilot in WW I, American Larry Darrell relocates to France, where he dedicates himself navajx a life of learning and seeking. She is in love with Larry and Gay with Isabel, Sophie, Isabel and Larry, all have known each other since they were children in school.

I got my copy of this book from a second hand bookstore. It sounds so uneventful when I narrate it, but this main plot, and the sub-plots and other characters were all charmingly presented that the reader is hooked from beginning to the end. Isabel, a rich husband. Or that they’re both books about a group of friends with more money than sense? Larry procura sua verdade interior, sua harmonia espiritual, questiona a vida e seus valores, porque.

He sums it up in the final paragraph. I think the theme of the Great Gatsby maughma why it’s remained so popular over time. To put it bluntly, I remember it as a very emo and somber work, which suited maughan emo somber teenage self at the time. While he was away, Isabel married his close friend Gray and they had two daughters. Some books are books which happen to tell a story. Everyone there tells the veteran, be smart, be a man and sell bonds Paperback0 pages.