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Miguel Abensour’s rigorous interpretation of this seminal text reveals an “ unknown Marx” who undermines the identification of democracy with the state and. The year finally saw the appearance of an English translation of Miguel Abensour’s groundbreaking interpretation of Marxian political. Review of Miguel Abensour, Democracy Against the State. Marx and the Machiavellian moment (Cambridge) in Parallax, (), The published.

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The power of the people is the antithesis of the Statist principle. By maintaining with Marx, and against the Marxist tradition, this radical thesis, Miguel Abensour makes an essential contribution to the urgent task of returning the words ‘politics’ and ‘democracy’ to their original meaning. Thus there is a Machiavellian moment of political decision in Marx that exceeds the identification of politics with the State.


The work is a hugely suggestive and important intervention into contemporary theoretical debates. In his provocative defense of ‘insurgent democracy,’ Abensour shows the abiding power of a libertarianism unafraid to acknowledge its debt to anarchist thought and practice. Democracy Against the State: Marx and the Machiavellian Movement. Added to Your Shopping Cart. True democracy does not entail the political and economic power of the state, but it does not dream of a post-political society either.

On the contrary, the battle of democracy is waged by a demos that invents a public sphere of permanent struggles, a politics that counters political bureaucracy and representation. Democracy is “won” by a people forewarned that any dissolution of the political realm in its independence, any subordination to the state, is tantamount to annihilating the site for gaining and regaining a genuinely human existence.

Miguel Abensour, Democracy Against the State | Danny Evans –

In this explicitly heterodox reading of Marx, Miguel Abensour proposes a theory of “insurgent” democracy that makes political liberty synonymous with eemocracy living critique of domination.


Table of contents Reviews Features Translator’s Introduction: The Utopia of the Rational State Chapter 2: Political Intelligence Chapter 3: From the Crisis to the Criticism of Politics Chapter 4: A Reading Hypothesis Chapter 5: True Democracy and Modernity Conclusion Annex: Abensour has written as persuasive an account of the underlying logic of such movements as I know, and an invaluable critique of their widespread liberal and anarchist self- misunderstandings.

Miguel Abensour is an influential political philosopher in France, well-known for his highly original interpretations of Marx.

This is a high-quality work by an original and topical thinker. It should appeal to graduate students and academics in philosophy, politics, sociology and to general readers interested in progressive politics.